Mallorca shopping: October

Mallorca shopping: October

On the beautiful island Mallorca I cold finally try out the whole collection of October, have a look

We went on holiday my style. A super last minute, we booked just a flight three days before take off and no hotels booked. The plan was to go to a new destination but that plan failed. Again Mallorca. An island of Spain where we always enjoy ourselves. Also I have relatives living there, always fun to see them again!


My blog started with a passion for fashion so also on holiday I love to shop. Before I never really looked for shops on Mallorca. Since sight seeing is not really applicable I could focus on something else. Shopping wasn’t really my goal but I liked to do some research on plus size shopping. I didn’t have much time to prepare but I just went where ever I could.


Together with my Spanish cousin we hit the town, the capital of Mallorca, Palma. How I love that city! According to the website there should be an October shop but it had closed down. Where is it? We asked around, in Manacor. The second largest city of the island. A few days later I was in the neighborhood and I went to the shop.

october october october


Since this year you can also shop the brand October in the Netherlands. They only have shops in Spain, though they sell over Europe in boutique shops and online. On the fair I’ve seen their collections before, but all was in sample sizes. Most shops don’t sell eveything so I never got the chance to take a good look, try it on and test it. So you can imagine how happy I was when I went into the October store on Mallorca. The size range is from EU 38 up to 54, however it’s a Spanish fit so I guess to Dutch standards it’s size 36 up to 50-52. Above you can see the items in the shop. The owner was so friendly and helpen me so well, muchas gracias! 

despite it was incredible warm that day, I still managed to fall in love with this gorgeous cardigan. Fake leather and knit sleeves. It’s also available in black
this jacket has such a great fit! I love the details on the shoulder and along the hems. The top underneath is also embroidered but tonal. The denim fits like a glove
This skirt is what me want to start fitting all items! I love the skirt and the fit. The top has a beautiful color green, though to summer-ish for me now

Above you can see three outfits of which I quickly made some photos. Eventually I’ve tried on a lot more items, I went all the way! What I noticed is the great fit. The fabrics they have used are really nice, all with details and nice quality. Often Spanish brands have a narrow fit, but I can truely say that October has the right fit! I’m wearing the tops in a size L and the skirt in a size XL. They go up to size XL or size 54, which is an EU 50-52 I guess. If you want to shop, the Dutch Wehkamp sells it too, click here to see the styles.

did you know October already? 

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