The reason why not every fashion label does plus sizes is actually very simple, I will explain why.

On a daily basis I work with garments, sizing and quality. Most of the time I am working with a size 6 or 8. For me not a problem, how to make that same style a size 22 is a whole different ballgame. Because of my job I have an insight in fashion brands which most other fashionistas don’t have. The other day I had a discussion about this on Facebook and we were both summing things up. Let me do the same for you.

hard work

Sometimes I wonder if people know how much hard work goes into producing a garment? If you buy an item for 10 euros or from a high end brand, there were always people involved to create this item. The work that goes into an item before it goes to the shops can take months!

Why not every fashion label does plus sizesmoney

The biggest reason probably why not every brand has a plus size range is because of the costs. To make a garment has a lot more to it then you think. Starting with designing: you need a style which will look good on a size 8 but also looks good on a size 22. This could be very challenging, depending on who is your target group. Then secondly the development. The style has look good on any size, this means keeping in mind stretch, handfeel but also the lengths. Usage of fabrics and finishing are very important too.

Why not every fashion label does plus sizespatterns & fit

Don’t forget, the same reason why we are sometimes complaining about a bad fit of plus sizes could be the same reason why other brands don’t even bother. It’s not about adding those few extra centimeters -which literately is more expensive too- but it’s about the different shapes and fit when comparing regular sizes to plus sizes. Pattern makers have the hardest times with brands who sell for all women (regular sizes and plus sizes in one collection). Don’t forget, normally the pattern makers make about 6 patterns: size 8+10+12+14+16+18 but for such collections they have to make 10 patterns, all the way up to size 26! This is not a simple job to do.

Why not every fashion label does plus sizesmachines

Then there are the machines and the workmanship. You can imagine plus sizes have a lot more fabric in each garment. An average factory machine is very small, to work quick. Not like our machines at home with our big desks. This can actually also be a problem, that the small workers and their small tables cannot easily handle plus size sewing without getting everything tangled up. Not an issue you’d think, but again, time is money.


Don’t underestimate fashion.
As you can see, there is a lot more to it. Cheap or expensive, all had someone working on it!


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