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Do you drink enough water? It’s healthy, but why again? 

I am talking about water moist. Personally I am not such a drinker so that oneandahalf liter a day is really a challenge for me. Sometimes I do okay, but most times I really have to think ‘perhaps I should be drinking some more water‘. Luckily vegetables and fruits exist about 80% from moist so without knowing it we get more water in our system. There are more little facts about drinking enough. 

You probably think right now ‘yeah, yeah, I know..‘. So if you know, why aren’t you doing it then? A healthy body doesn’t always say something about your weight. These are the little things we don’t think of every time of the day and forget its essence. Moist is mainly built from water and is important to:

  • the solution of nutrients, allowing them to be absorbed in the intestine

  • the transport of nutrients and waste products in the blood

  • regulating your body temperature

Good to know, there is  no such thing as too much water. Your kidneys can process 0.7-1 liter per hour (!). And eeh.. this is about water, not alcohol. 

Often you read that models think that drinking lots of water is the best beauty tip. They say your skin looks prettier and you get a certain glow. Even though this was not clinical proven, it would be a great side effect wouldn’t it? Water also doesn’t help you loose weight but it does make sure to loose those toxics though urine. So it’s a win-win situation. I am making myself another pot of tea, how about you?

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