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Do you want to start your own blog but you don’t know how? Read here my tips & tricks and start today

Even though I still feel like a newbee this July my blog exists already two year. Time flies when you’re having fun! During events I often meet other girls who would love to start a blog and think it’s very difficult or don’t know where to start. Well let me tell you this: you start at the beginning! So I decided to write down my tips & tricks. The first blog is how to get started.

the right name

Think of a name that suits your blog. When you name it after yourself then it’s not so much trouble but if you want to think of a catchy name, first check all the options. Make sure that the name you choose is something you want to keep for like.. forever! It’s not easy to change your name later in the process. Use a name which you can use also for other subjects, so that once your view on life changes the name is still applicable to your blog and its content. I chose for theBiggerBlog because it says something about me big but can be interpretated differently, as in a big blog with lots of content and topics. I like to use curves and plus size as terms but not as my identity. Make a list of names with options.

website & social media

Once you have chosen the perfect name, make sure to check this on social media to see if it’s available. Start at the most important one, is the url still available? You can check this at a hosting, for example here. Secondly check instagram, Facebook, twitter and pinterest. Perhaps you can choose a proper alternative in stead. On all social media my name is thebiggerblog but on Twitter it’s the_Bigger_Blog unfortunately. When all is available, or workable then make sure to secure all the names by applying. Start with the website and continue with all the others in one go. The hosting will cost you a few euros per month and no one else can steal your name. There are free alternatives, but I would always choose your own hosting.

lay out

The easiest way in my opinion is to start with WordPress. You can choose out of free templates but you can also go for a paid one which gives you more options. I picked my theme with ThemeForest. I chose to buy a theme so I can adjust everything the way I want, like colors, lay out etc. I paid like $50 once and it was mine to use and I still like my template after two years, a good choice. Keep the receipts though, but more on that in the next blogs. Decide what you want with you blog, what do you want to show and which features do you need. I made a list and went through the libraries. Each theme can be adjusted in color so don’t focus too much on that. Check the lay out and all its options which is shown at the example pages. Of course you can start off with a free template too.

choose a layout which suits you

I wasn’t planning on writing a blog, I wanted an online magazine but in the end it became a blog anyway and I even started posting photos of myself. I haven’t read any blog, or at least not plus size blogs because I wanted to create it myself and not copy things from others. I made a list of topics I wanted to discuss and what I would need to make this work. I checked which template had a built in webshop, maybe for later. Also I wanted a Calendar, which I’m still not using though. I didn’t want a standard blog, I wanted a glossy. I think I came a great way, though I’m learning every day still.

just start

Now what? Well, just start! Make sure to keep a secret booklet with all your passwords and sign in names as you’ll have a million of those. If you chose a hosting for your website you will probably have an emailaccount too so use this for all the logins so you have all filed in one. Install WordPress, which often is really easy and has a clear explanation on your hosting site. Install the template and start building your website. Try everything, look back at the original example of the template and read blogs about how to WordPress and you’ll figure it out. Once the layout is ready go and aks someone to check the site and give their opinion. Aks if they can easily navigate on the site and if all is clear. Respect their opinion, adjust if you agree. Some great advise when I started blogging:

“don’t panic if it’s not perfect yet, as long as you don’t post anything nobody knows your blog even exists”

It helped me a lot and it’s absolutely true. Start your blog, start social media accounts and just go. Nobody knows you have these accounts until you start posting on it or start liking things. Till that time just quietly work on your blog and posts. Once you think the site is ready to go, start posting on social media and get out there.

I hope my tips & tricks help. A few more posts will follow with my favorite plugins, the (unofficial) blogger guidelines and to make it your business or not?

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