sick in the snow

Last week I went on a skiing trip with my boyfriend and got sick in the snow

Am I the only one? Lately whenever I go on a holiday I am sick. It started last weekend with a sore throat and lack of sleep, a matter of taking lots of rest I assumed. Nope! We were planning to go a full week but my grandmother turned 92 and of course I had to be there to celebrate. So we left on Sunday morning for an 8-10 hours drive to Austria. With a huge headache and a soar throat we went on our way hoping to catch some extra sleep. The trip went well and we arrived sooner then planned to our little apartment which turned out perfect. The sun was up and the sky was blue. What else do you need?

sick in the snowsick in the snow

The snow wasn’t that great as the end of the season was near. To make the best out of it we bought a skipass for the whole area and decided to depart from a different area each day. The first day we started off in Fieberbrunn. All sweaty on the slopes I thought it was because of the nice weather and the hard work I had to put into skiing with all that slush of snow. How applicable, this village was named differently in the past but once upon a time a queen went to the wel here because she had a fever. Ever since it’s called Fieberbrunn or “fever wel” literally translated. What a coincidence. I actually only knew this when I got back to the apartment and my fever was kicking in, ironic right? Well of course there wasn’t much of après ski going on, not that I had the energy at all. Well, it’s holiday right so we ended our slope adventures around 16.00 o’ clock so enough time to go downtown for groceries and drinks. All the bars were already closed and not a lot of people were there, so we decided to enjoy the sun. Would that herbal drink help me?

sick in the snowsick in the snowsick in the snow

Despite going to bed early, resting a lot and taking things easy we did enjoy ourselves. Every day spending time in the fresh air, some sunshine and quality time can be very good. Unfortunately the skiing part didn’t go as planned. My legs were shaky and I didn’t feel confident. Also being run over by 2 boarders doesn’t really help, my mindset took a turn and I became insecure too. During the lunch break I just chilled in the sun while Dennis would take another few slopes. I had checked out all the plates coming by and knew what I wanted. A great way to check out the menu, lol. Normally I would choose pasta or traditional schnitzel but this time I chose the healthy -more expensive- meals, like these grilled chicken salads. The good part about staying in an apartment is that you can cook but also go out for diner, like we did on the shopping photo below in Kitzbuhel. Not much shopping though.. small sizes and big prices, just the way I don’t like it!

sick in the snowsick in the snow

Eventhough the week didn’t go as planned, we did enjoy ourselves. The long ride home I sleep a lot and finally had some time to write this blog for you guys. The past week I haven’t posted anything, no energy. Unfortunately I still have a light fever. I am taking my time and I’ll be back with new posts once I feel better.

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