Runners come in all shapes and sizes

That runners come in all shapes and sizes proofs Women’s Running magazine featuring plus size model Erica Schenk on its cover.

Erica was interviewed for the August issue and they decided to put her on the cover as well. I am proud to read about this, not necessarily because Erica is a plus size but because they are showing the person they have interviewed on the cover without thinking about wether this is suitable in the eyes of their readers. To quote from her interview “women of all sizes deserve to be praised for good health and have presence in the media”.

Runners come in all shapes and sizes

In my opinion this cover is logical, because I read all the time about plus size models working out. A lot! They may not be the average catwalk size, but they too need to maintain their body. On instagram you can find tons of images of plus size models working out, they really promote it. That said, most plus size women -not the models, the common ones- do exercise too. So hopefully for once -now that a plus size is featured in a sport magazine- the trolls will not be yelling about how they are promoting obesity? Instead they should be happy to see that life of a plus size isn’t about eating all day and that there is health at any size.

Runners come in all shapes and sizes

When it comes to running I might be such a troll too. Well no, not a troll as I will not be negative about it, however I didn’t expect plus size women to run. To work out, to exercise, to sport yes but not running. Personally I suck at it and believe me, I have tried many times. Also when I am outdoors the most women I see running are the stereotypes of well proportioned, slender women in cute little shorts and looking like they don’t have any trouble with it. Perhaps the plus size women are like me and just run through back alleys, lol! I just feel really uncomfortable. I know it’s about building up your stamina but when my face turns all red, I am sweating gallons and I feel like fainting.. I just want to escape.

Runners come in all shapes and sizes

The real eye opener for me was when I went to the Rotterdam Marathon earlier this year to support my niece, who was attending the run. When I was standing along the side line I just couldn’t imagine running a quarter of what those people where doing, my respect was growing every second. As a proud niece I can say she made it to the finish and so did many others. What I was surprised about is to see the plus size women and men running this marathon, and making it to the finish line. So you see, it’s possible!

To all runners, plus or petite, I have a great deal of respect for you and don’t let anything stand in your way of enjoying a good exercise.

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