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muscle ache but no gym

Yes, it’s possible to have muscle ache but no gym. How did that happen? It surprised me too.

A while ago I wrote that I have to get back on track by going to the gym. Here is an update.

Last week I was over the moon, finally the key to our new place. A new home, new town and lots of work to do. Something my boyfriend and I have been looking forward to for months! Up to last week I went to the gym regularly, at least twice a week and also kept my diet in balance. Since about three weeks I do squares before bedtime. Physically prepared I started to prep the house.

But no, not at all. So much muscle ache each day. I felt like I was run over by a truck. What happened to all my good work? Well I decided that I just train different types of muscles during those gym and aqua lessons. With that in mind even going up and down on those steps while painting the house started to grow on me. After all, burning calories. Anyway, all the cleaning and painting made sure I wan’t sitting on my ass all day.

muscle ache but no gym

So what do you thing, a huge renovation of the house? You would think so right and we sure feel like this too. But in real life we are just doing the basics like painting the walls, fixing the wooden parts and repainting it, cleaning and moving things in. Nothing big. However we did do this without long breaks, does that count?

So the healthy living wasn’t what it should have and perhaps also because I expected it to go like this. But then again, more exercise then ever!

muscle ache but no gym

The biggest things are done in the house, so now back on track again.

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