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misunderstandings of plus size

There are too many misunderstandings of plus size. Why do people always need to tell big people they are unhealthy?

Every time I see a nice photo on social media and I read the comments -why do I keep doing this?- I get so frustrated. Often people reply totally off topic, for example when I was reading a Dutch blog. She was explaining why she didn’t agree with blogger Jessica from Life and Style of Jessica to get the respect she got after showing a photo of herself in a bathing suit:

I completely agreed with her, since Jessica is just another beautiful woman on the beach enjoying herself. This should not be considered heroic, it should be considered normal. If you haven’t followed all of this, please know that Jennifer herself was the first who was telling everybody that this wasn’t heroic. However people always want to reply and even worse, go off topic. They have the nerve to actually give health advise? I wonder if they leave reply under each photo they see of someone smoking, or drinking, or skydiving? I don’t think so!

obese people are not healthy 

This is a comment that I read so often and I find it very frustrating. I will not try to convince you that all obese people are healthy. Of course not. Just like with every other person, you can be unhealthy. There are so many studies, so many opinions and so many real life examples that you just can’t simply judge this by looking at someone. Why this photo went viral and she got so much respect? In my opinion because women still think they need to offend themselves about being happy with themselves as a plus size. I didn’t have to look very far for examples. Just when I finished reading this girls’ blog and wanted to reply, there is was again: the reply that she indeed should not be considered heroic, she could better work on her health. Seriously? Everyone should be jealous of this woman, because she is proud about her body and she feels good about herself. Not many people can say this about themselves, skinny, regular or plus size.

You cannot judge somebody’s health situation by simple looking at them. You can think, you can wonder and you can assume. But you can’t know for sure!

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images from blog Life and style of Jennifer 

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