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Meet Miranda! theBiggerBlog is expanding

feathersandnumbers is the blog from Miranda, a Dutch girl from Dordrecht. Read her very first blog, get to know her and give her a warm welcome.

Hey there… nice to meet you guys and excited to tell you my story! I am a fashion lover, a plus-size gal wearing a size 48. A creative spirit who loves to be inspired and inspire others. During the week I am busy as “head of product and design” for the Dutch lingerie and swimwear brand marlies|dekkers. The other days I spend on fun, fashion, family & friends!

high end fashion

I have been plus-size for many years and wonder why it is still so hard to score a kick ass, high end look when you are not a size 38. I don’t want plussize clothes designed differently, I just want that same high end outfit in an XXXL! So to me, buying clothes is like treasure hunting, I shop at any store, not only plus-size brands, trying to find nice clothes that fit my taste and size and represent the look I am after. But is it not easy, wouldn’t it be great to change this..?


Exactly 2 years ago, during a hot summer, I was lucky to be in Paris to attend a lingerie fair for work. I had been playing with the thought of designing some clothes for myself or even start a small business. But you know… these thoughts can come and go and I wasn’t ready to get serious. During that trip I visited an exhibition of the French couture brand Lanvin. I got so inspired by the beautiful things I had seen that back out on the Parisian streets I felt the energy and excitement floating through my body. “Miranda, I said to myself, you have to do something with this energy. You have to start SOMETHING even if it’s just designing a nice dress for yourself but start and get creative!


While my head was spinning with all the ideas and awesome things I had seen, I looked down at the street and saw a beautiful feather laying there… I couldn’t breathe for a second… To me a feather is a spiritual sign of encouragement and luck, as if the universe says, “Come on girl.. this way…”  I felt truly overwhelmed… Another one of these spiritual signs is the number four. So while feeling touched by finding this feather, I said to myself, “Ok,  if I look up and see a number 4 at my left, I definitely have to start working on my dream…” Guess what…!!! Oh my god! Miranda

I got so excited and encouraged that this was my creative kick off. I started working on my wardrobe, shopped even more! And started to share my plussize fashion finds on Instagram and Facebook. #mirandascloset I picked up designing and sketching what I really enjoy. Meanwhile, I am working on my plans to start a business. This could be my own brand in plussize fashion or an awesome web shop, or both! Promised myself to take it slow, as I tend to push myself sometimes… and made a note to self to really stay close to my own ideas. One thing I know for sure, I’ll get to it!!

I hope this story was an inspiring one and encourages to follow your dreams…

You will see me back soon as I will continue my story every 2 weeks from now on. Thank you Josine! So sweet to offer me the opportunity to tell my story on your blog. See you guys in 2 weeks!! Find me on Instagram or Facebook : feathersandnumbers | Miranda Martinez

X Miranda

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