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long road to the gym

My relationship with the gym is on and off. Let me explain my long road to the gym.

Of course I know that excersizing is very good for your body and health. A daily 30 minute exercise is wat everybody should do and that there are a midion tricks to do so. When you work out your body is in a better shape so during the rest of the week your body will burn those calories easier too. But what if I tell you that I just have so many good excuses? I know, I am lying to myself and to no one else. Sometimes it takes while to realize it. I have times where I go to the gym weekly and do my best. However when there is a good reason not to go, I have such a hard time picking it up again! Do you have the same?

It’s not because the sun is starting to shine again here in Holland, or that I need to be in shape for my tankini but it’s just because I feel like it. Seriously? Yes! Don’t worry, it surprised me too. A few times a friend took me to the gym and I actually enjoyed it. After being sick for over a week I felt like going again. Me! Miracles do happen.

Slight panic: my face after signing the gym subscription

Hopefully I will keep it up. So far my excuses were fairly reasonable, I moved 100 km but I was still paying for 3 more months to the gym over there. This is over now so I can check out a new address to go. The only issue could be my final move, as I am now living in a temporary address and I will move to the new house in over a month. But then you just have to kick my ass and remind my of this post!

Do you work out and what do you do?

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