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I am shallow

With some sarcasmn to it I will explain myself: I am shallow.

There was a Dutch blog from my colleague on her website Wondervol.nl in which she has this new topic where she talks about confessions. Always a delicate subject of course. In this vlog she explains that despite her styling courses she doesn’t really do anything with it. Fashion is shallow. In her blog she explains that she doesn’t want to be a part of fashion, because in the end it’s about a person not about what he or she is wearing. According to Hermina (translated):

The fashion industry gives me the feeling like I am less of a person when I’m not dressed in the latest fashion or participate with the latest trends 

I would like to discuss this. In my opinion fashion is something beautiful, refreshing and I can even call it a piece of art. These are creations, colors but also feelings and atmospheres which it brings up. Of course I can relate to her point with shallow: when it’s not fashion, it’s wrong. When it’s not hot then it’s automatically not. I feel these are standards in the high fashion world, on the runways and the red carpets. The magazines which write about celebrities and make or break their outfits. It’s doesn’t apply to us, the common people. Not even on bloggers. Mutual respect and the fact that you can differ in opinion but also in style is what I think of fashion trends.

Do you really think that because I am a fashion blogger that I parade all day in the latest fashion? Hello, I have a life. But I do care about what I am wearing that day, how my hair sits and the make up I have applied. On a daily basis I work with fashion and trends, I have my blog and oh yeah, in my spare time I love to shop. I am shallow.

This is my opinion, not a bitch fight with my colleague. On the contraire. I could take her blog very personal and sob about it, but in stead I just try to convince her otherwise. Fashion is fun, trends are there to renew it all now and then. When there is nothing new or different we’d all look the same. Because of these different seasons and collections we might feel the urge to buy ourselves something new. Especially for curvy girls, whom very often think they aren’t worthy of fashion, or that they are too big and will wait for weight lost first. Or even worse, they are too ugly for fashion. Shall I continue? Because this is the opinion of curvy girls I get to hear too often. Yes, the inside is most important but don’t forget, it works both ways. Look into the mirror, if you aren’t happy with what you see in there, how can you be pretty in the inside to yourself? Beautiful inside and out. The inside is hard to work on, the outside a little bit easier. Thank god for fashion.

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