Hay fever

Yes, by now I know all the jokes. Hay fever, but unfortunately for me no more bye fever. I have had it, already!

To be honest I didn’t know how hay fever felt like. What is it and why is everybody so frustrated about it? Well, perhaps karma is doing its thing since I have it now too. Or it’s just my age. Ever since I turned thirty I am slightly falling apart.

Hay fevershit, I have it too 

For weeks I felt like I had the flu. Sniffing my nose and headaches. How could this be, summer has started, the weather is great and I am sick for weeks alert? I went to the doctors office and she told me to have a blood test. Shit, I have it too, hay fever. This was last summer. I got some pills and I got better, almost no effects anymore.

can this get worse? 

Despite the little blue pil I take daily, I kind off forgot. Strange, I know. So the past two weeks I was sniffing my nose again and feeling unwell. I didn’t realise what it was until that itch. That terrible let-me-scratch-my-eyes-out-please itch. Shit, I still have it! But can it get even worse? I still take the special pils, let’s hope they will kick in soon. The result of hay fever? This lovely result photo during my shoot a few days back.


It’s great that people want to help out, but if it’s really helpful? The best one was this: stay inside and avoid outside air. Great idea but I like my share of oxygen. Put some vaseline or other greasy stuff around your nose. Charming! Stay at a place close to the beach, great idea. Best plan so far. Don’t rub the eyes. Okay, so I will stop the scratching, this way the rubbing does’t sound so bad does it? I’ll just stick to the pills and how they will work, soon!

do you have hay fever! How do you do it?


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