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Last week I decided to go for it, again. I have to proceed what I had started, this is how I will manage that.

I don’t believe in dieting or leaving out ingredients from my routine, I believe in changing my lifestyle. Unfortunately I love sweets, actually sugar is my heroin, I just can’t refuse it. I know this is my problem, my trigger. The past few weeks I haven’t managed to stay on the same weight, like I did the past two years.

schop onder de kontExcuses, excuses, excuses. That’s the real reason. Real good excuses -in my opinion- but nevertheless. If I am aware of what I eat and do every day that I can maintain my results without gaining back weight. But I didn’t, I shut my eyes and just went all the way.

So what’s my plan of approach? They say it’s 80% food and 20% exercise. For years I am subscribed to Weight Watchers. When I started I did it very seriously and lost over 20 kilo. The past six months I had to many excuses as I moved out of my house, went to something temporarily and no gym. So let me start with what I eat, it has helped me before, this must be the best thing to start with.

Why Weight Watchers? I was always very sceptical about it, an American concept isn’t the right thing for me. When a friend recommended it to me I thought I should just try it. I noticed this is the thing for me! Should have done it many years earlier. My personal advantages:

 you can start every day again. Even when it doesn’t work out you can correct yourself the same day by adjusting your meal plan. So no more “Oh well I ate that chocolate, now I might as well eat the whole bag of crisps”. The great thing is, you can eat everything but you have to keep it in balance.
 this is not a diet but a lifestyle. For everything you eat there is a solution. So a piece of birthday cake shouldn’t be a problem, but don’t eat every bite they offer you during the rest of the party. With little adjustments you can do this too.
 everything can be calculated easily with one app. I always use this, but especially when I have a weak moment. I look it up, check how many pro points this is is. When it’s a lot, I am not so hungry anymore. I works. For me! There is always a healthier solution to every meal which doesn’t have to cost more or take more time. You just have to know it.

Let me know wat motivates you for a healthy lifestyle? Lot’s of women -curvy as well- have stopped dieting and started living. Great, but how do you stay in balance?  This is my way.

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