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Dutch festival season

It’s March, the sun is showing up more often, that means the Dutch festival season is almost there. Where to go this summer?

Perhaps you didn’t know but Holland is one of the best countries when to comes to festivals. All types of festivals are organized all over the country. I have listed some for you.

festival seasonKings day

Formally known as Queens day. The whole country is decorated and dressed up in orange, or the colors of the Dutch flag: red, white and blue. In every street of every town you can find a party. As the name says it already, this day we celebrate the Kings’ birthday. It’s a national holiday so be prepared, this small county can be crowded. If you like dance music, live music or thrift shopping this is the perfect day to be in Holland.
♥ Monday 27 April 2015

mystery land

festival season What was once a one day party is now extended to a weekend. In a small (man made) forrest near Amsterdam and the airport they have made a set up for a great party. Big music tents and stages are set up along the forrest. Everywhere are places to dance, eat, drink and relax. There are several areas and different kinds of dance music genres. I always love the decoration! People are hired to dress up like elfs or dwarfs and are spreading love all day. The trees have glitter butterflies and the pathways and bushes have decorations too. The stages are beautifully designed and at night they have a great light show.
♥ 28-30 August 2015 | address Paviljoenlaan 1, Haarlemmermeer | website 

low lands

festival season

Another great festival is Low Lands, which is one of the oldest and famous festivals in Holland. It’s also a full weekend, where you can stay on a campsite and bring your own gear. There are lots of different music areas, for all kind of tastes. This is a festival for everybody, young or old. The set up of this festival is really big and you will never get bored. There are parties and performances during the day until deep into the night.
♥ 21-23 August 2015 | address Walibi, Biddinghuizen | website

Of course there is lots more to do in Holland this summer. If you want a full list check this website. Depending on where you will be or what you want to spend there are other options too.

What are your plans for this summer?

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