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delicious lunch

A delicious lunch is easy! You’ll love these sandwiches and tzatziki

Last weekend we came back from holiday. The weather wasn’t good enough to have lunch outside somewhere nice. We also had to do lots of work around the house, the garden had to be digged out. Lots of work and we deserved a good lunch so I made these sandwiches. A delicious lunch isn’t hard to make, let me show you how:


ciabatta bread
Parma ham
spicy humus (harissa)
lettuce (little gem)
spring onion
Greek yoghurt
Italian herbs
olive oil


Bake the ciabatta in the oven. Heat up a grill and place the pita bread on it, turn regularly. If you don’t have a grill or a grill pan, you can use the oven or a toaster too.

Put the onion and about 2 cloves of garlic in a food processor and grind. Grate the cucumber or chop in fine strips. Put it all in a bowl and add the Greek yoghurt, salt, peper and Italian herbs, about a tea spoon or so. Place it in a bowl and sprinkle some olive oil over it.

Take the ciabatta out of the oven and cut in half and midway so that you get 4 slices. Prepare the avocado and slice in strips. Cut the spring onion in thin rings and the tomato in slices. Wash the little gems and tear the leaves in two, throw away the thick hard inner parts.

Take the pita off the grill and add some sea salt and Italian herbs, sprinkle some olive oil over it and mix on top of the pita. Cut it up in slices so you can dip it in the tzatziki.

Put the humus on all the ciabatta slices. Cover it with the little gem leaves. Put on two sandwiches the parma ham and some spring onion and tomato. On the other two add some avocado and spring onion, top it with sea salt. And you’re ready. Enjoy your lunch! 

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