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Curvy Convention

Curvy ConventionWho is going to the Curvy Convention in Londen? This British plus size event will be on Saturday 16th May 2015 for all curvy girls.

The Curvy Convention in Londen is a fair which focusses on curvy women. Here you can go wild as there are several brands and shops showing their collection -and hopefully great special offers- so bring some bags! Besides this there are also free  workshops, but you will have to sigh up. I can’t wait to see the fashion shows as well, should be spectaculair!

I have decided to make my very first trip to London by visiting this fair. Are you coming too?

You won’t believe how much I have traveled however never to London before. Strange, as it’s the city of fashion. I am so exited, I can’t wait! Finally I am going but I will be the worst tourist ever as I am planning to attend the fair and visit as many shops as possible. I am planning a romantic getaway next year to do all the sight seeing. Gotta love fashion!

Hopefully it’s a great fair with lots to do and lots to see. After looking at the lists on the website I am sure it will be a success. I have seen a few posts of bloggers who will attend to, can’t wait to meet them as I have been following them for a while. I love the initiative, too bad the Dutch fair was cancelled. This is a great alternative though.

Curvy Convention in Londen

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  1. tina

    ik zelf ben ook een volslanke dame, ik heb je bogje bekeken wat leuk en wat zie je er goed uit ! amai. Had ik het geweten van de conventie had ik zeker gegaan… het lijkt me super leuk… wanneer gaan die conventies door? 1 of 2 maal per jaar? En hoe komt je dit te weten?



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