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Curvy Con in London

I combined a shopping trip with a convention abroad. On Saturday the Curvy Con took place in London and I was there, followed by some massive shopping.

Last week I asked you to follow me to London on instagram. For years I have been planning to go to London but each time I wanted to go it didn’t work out. Finally here was my chance. Together with a friend and shopping partner in crime we went to the Fashion Capital of Europe for some curvy shopping and to visit the Curvy Convention.

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Curvy Convention

The convention was set up in a little church and looked lovely. I liked the atmosphere, even though it was smaller then I expected there was enough to see and do. Lots of different boots with plus size fashion and items were displayed. I’ve met some wonderful people and really enjoyed it.

fashion show

What I loved about the set up is that they were showing a small fashion show regularly. Here you can see a short film of the Asos swimwear line which was presented. I loved to see the swimsuits on the plus models for the best realistic view. Here you can see a very short movie of the Asos swimwear show:



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Betty Palmer 

How nice to meet a blogger! I have been following Betty Palmer for a while and it was so lovely to meet her in real live. I felt like a total geek asking for a photo but luckily she didn’t mind. By the way, she was selling these lovely t-shirts but the one I wanted was sold out.

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