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bring your own bag

From the 1st of January you will not get a plastic bag with your shopping in the Netherlands, so bring your own bag. Be prepared, like this.

It will be a challenge. I have lots of plastic bags and other shopping bags, but when I quickly go out for an arran I often forget my own bags. I always try to think about it though and leave lots of them in my car but sometimes, it slips. Does the same apply to you? Well, here are so advises.

neem je eigen tas mee

pay for them

It’s not that there aren’t any bags at all in the shops, but you will have to pay for them. Even for those flimsy bags with tear even when you look at them. Waste of money don’t you think?


There are these little bags which you can fold and put in a holder. They sell these at the shops too but often aren’t nice. So be prepared and buy your own. It fits in every purse and you won’t have to buy a bag every time.


Slightly bigger and not so easy to fit each handbag are the cotton handbags which are now also available in leather. You can find these cotton bags with fun prints on them in most shops. The leather options you can find in the specialized bag shops. Click the bags below to check them out on the webshop. A fashionable bag which helps to save the environment, a win win!

neem je eigen tas meeneem je eigen tas meeneem je eigen tas mee

Of course it’s a great way to help save the environment. Lots of people have a large stash of plastic bags at home like me so it’s wise to re-use them more. It’s actually a shame that we have to ask money for a bag in order for us to adjust. It’s our environment. I never realized how easily I ask for a bag and how normal I think it is when I spend a lot of money somewhere that I receive a bag. I wonder how this will go and I hope all shop owners will follow up this new Dutch law.

The fold-up bags go in my handbag, the big totes will go on the backseat of the car. Are you in?


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image: shania21daystomakeadifference.blogspot.com

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