Ashley Graham is rocking her plus size bikini for Swimsuits for all in Sports Illustrated. Did you see the adverts already?

The media has given it lots of attention. Of course Ashley Graham is already a celebrated plus size model, she is gorgeous. The fact that she is now shown in a bikini in such a sexy way does give people something to talk about. It’s great that they show a plus size model this way. She looks gorgeous in the Swimsuits for all campaign!

sports illustrated

Since 1964 it’s a big thing who will cover the swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated. It’s a huge accomplishment for her even though it’s only an advert and not the whole story, but it’s also a boost for the plus size movement. Swimsuits for all and Ashley Graham have started a hashtag on social media called #CurvesInBikinis asking all women to show off their beautiful curves in bikini.

women embrace this

Lot’s of women react to this advert very positively. They love to see a realistic or ‘real’ woman to relate to. The skinny models are for many women not a good example to show the outfits in because they simply don’t have the same body proportions. But men react as well, positive. To finally see a real women with beautiful curves.

not plus enough

Lot’s of people are arguing that she is a perfect woman, beautiful the way she is but that she is not plus enough. She is still considered regular in people’s eyes. She is too thin to be a plus size considering to some people. But where do we draw the line? A model will always be a utopia for the common people like you and me. We have to realize that a part of us loves to look at models and wonder away in thoughts hoping that we look like this one day. Isn’t that the strength of a model too?

too fat

What really surprised me was to read so many negative comments, besides the positive ones. I have read most of the Dutch comments and I was shocked. People were writing that we shouldn’t be promoting obesity. Or that fat people obviously don’t excises or else they wouldn’t be fat in the first place so why promote in such a thing like Sports Illustrated? And the list continues. Even to the point where someone wrote “she is obviously too fat and we shouldn’t be promoting this. off course the too skinny models aren’t healthy either but this is going in the wrong direction“. Really?

Ashley Graham for Swimsuits for all


Ashley Graham, my complements. You look great, you look wonderful. Besides the comments whether you are too thin or too big, I like to look at you. In a healthy way though! You are the right example of a plus size model. You give us a realistic look but at the same time we can all stay jealous of you.

There is a lot to work on in size diversity! Ashley and Swimsuits for All have started #CurvesInBikinis on social media, be a part of it.

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