how I got my groove back

how I got my groove back

Just for a few seconds there I felt like the old me. Fashion can do this with me, the feeling like I got my groove back and it felt awesome!

While I was dressing I noticed something changing in me. I was happy, in a positive vibe and walked over to the mirror. It was hard to describe but it felt like I saw myself for the first time in a long while. Literary, this look is absolutely me! Before I started my blog I wore a lot skater dresses and skirts, like this one. When I saw myself in the mirror it made me smile, I liked the way I looked and loved my outfit. Then and there I realised this is really me. Something I was searching for, unknowingly.


got my groove back got my groove back got my groove back

Lately I’ve een reminiscing about my blog, social media and the effect it has on me. About col;leagies, things that have happened and I wonder, does this make me a happier person? The next thought is about quitting all of this, but something holds me back and decided to just take it slow. I guess I’m too hooked on sharing my blogs with you.

“she remembered who she was and the game changed” – Lala Deliah

When I stood in front of the mirror I also realised what my blog has taught me but also what it has brought me. It learned me to step outside of my comfort zone and just try other things, dare to wear. I love a good challenge and this you can see in my looks from the past years [2017 // 2016 // 2015]. When people ask me about my style I never really know how to reply. I’m a real fashion magic mirror, I keep on changing. In a nutshell I often call is casual preppy, but this outfit actually says it all, this is me. Do you agree?

got my groove back got my groove back got my groove back

The patent leather jacket is from the Dutch retailer DIDI. I’m wearing the largest size which is XXL and has a nice fit even for my big upper arms! Shop your shape, not your size. It’s not a plussize brand but it often has items that can fit a size EU 48 as well. The blouse is a new one too, which I bought in UK20 size and has a cute fit. It’s made of cotton and I just love the broderie fabric. One of my favorite trends for summer. The skirt is old and underneath I’m wearing an extra pair of short leggings, because it’s kinda short. That’s why I am laughing, because there was a touring boat coming up with a glass rooftop, oops!

jack c/o DIDI
blouse & skirt primark
tights c/o yours clothing
over knee boots river island
purse zara

welcome to theBiggerBlog; a plussize fashion blog with a love for beauty. A desire to travel (a lot) and recently added the diaries of a plussize mom

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  • Josine Wille 22 October 2019 08:49

    Thanks for leaving a reply! Welcome on my page :-)

  • Shab 21 October 2019 17:17

    I was looking for a leather jacket and somehow i stumbeld upon this. Glad i did!
    This look is so beautiful!

  • Pamela 18 February 2019 17:17

    I’m brand new to your blog. This is by far, my most favorite look. It looks effortless, trendy, classic, and timeless. You wear this ensemble beautifully and confidently.

  • Julia 16 April 2018 12:49

    I love this look! I remember the first time I felt like that after losing my style and the bolt of confidence was so empowering. I think it’s the black leather jacket that did it which was similar to yours. You look beautiful!


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