girl talk: strapless bra

girl talk: strapless bra

In this girl talk I want to talk about finding the right strapless bra

How I love to wear those strapless dresses and tops! Earlier this year my strapless bra broke which I’ve had for so many years that I couldn’t remember where I bought it. I started the adventure of finding a new one, which was quite a journey. Why is finding a new bra always such a drama?


Did you know that approximately 70% of the Dutch women wear the wrong bra size? So when you’re in the super market and you’re around 9 other women, 7 of them are wearing the wrong bra size. Or six of them, if you count yourself along just like I did. Why I don’t know, but finding a right fitting bra is always such a hassle. It’s always about making concessions, perhaps it’s because of my large circumference and smaller cup size. The only plus about my smaller boobs is that it’s easier to find a strapless bra.

note: there are lots of brands who have strapless bras for a large(r) buste 

multi way bra

There are different types of bras, besides fit and circumference there are also variations in the straps. There is the classic bra with the two straps and the strapless bra which doesn’t have any at all. Nowadays there are also the multi way bras which you can lengten the straps and cross them on the back, great for this wife beater singlets. Or the ones you can make a lot shorter and click together in the neck, this way you have a halter bra. Great for those tops and dresses.

the nude bra

Okay, besides pretty and comfortable I also wanted to go for practical. For years I had a black strapless bra which didn’t look good underneath light colour tops and dresses. So my search went on for a light bra, not white. This color doesn’t look good underneath light garments as well. So I went for nude which in my case is this pale beige color. I went to a couple of specialised shops and realised something new! Strapless bras are on a different level, they can smash your boobs flat and even make them optically sagging.  Surprised and frustrated I went home decided to search online.

strapless bh

This is it, the perfect strapless bra in nude color. I ordered it in several sizes, returned them and ordered them again in the right size. Wearing a circumference size smaller is what is being recommended as the ‘secret’ in strapless bras Don’t believe everything you reis. I;ve done just that which was easy because there wasn’t a bigger size anyway. Up to this one, I ordered it one size bigger in circumference and a cup size smaller and it was heaven. When I put it on I noticed the size was just perfect. What a difference! Even when it was extremely warm, I still wore this bra without wishing to take it off asap.

  • good fit, I’m wearing a EU size 90C and has 3 hooks at the back
  • is delivered including straps which can be worn in the regular way
  • very affordable, I paid € 31,95 and free shipping & returning
  • remains nice after wearing and washing
  • brand Marks & Spencer London, shop this bra!

balconette strapless bra

Short after my moment of bra happiness I got the request to order something with Yours Clothing, a British webshop. If there is one country which is good at making bras it the UK. Not only for bigger cup sizes but also for the bigger circumferences. I chose this one because of its looks, I just love the cute pink satin combined with black mesh. My first reacties was ”this is probably not in my size, as always. So you can imagine how happy I was when it was! It was a bit difficult to find my size as those Brits have their own sizing system.

strapless BH

The bra came in and I tried it on immediately, all exited. Fit and circumference is good, a little wide but it has a good bnacksibe with 4 hooks. Also the little added mesh at the top part is really soft so when wearing something, it’s not sticking out or showing. Isn’t this just the cutest ever? Funny because normally I go for plain, simple, smooth fabrics but this one really caught my eye.

  • good fit, a bit wide and wearing size UK 40C, has 4 hook & eyes rows
  • delivered including straps, from front to back
  • I received this one for free, but it’s €30,-
  • brand Yours Clothing, shop this bra here

bra shopping

Often you guys ask me where to find good bras in different (plus) sizes. Well there are lots of good shops in the Netherlands and most of Europe in every town. Go there, ask for proper advise and ask them to measure you. When you’re in doubt, just tell the sales rep and discuss the options. If you prefer to shop online I recommend to order several sizes so you can really compare. Sometimes you only see the difference when it’s in front of you. Check out the webshop, select your size first and then start shopping to avoid  disappointment. For each bra size, fit and shape there is a brand suited for your body.

halter bra

Last year I showed you I found the perfect halter bra which can be worn in the regular way as well. I still like this bra and its fit, read it here:

bra talk



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