Faux fur, a statement piece

Faux fur, a statement piece

Warm, soft and very posh, the faux fur coat. A statement piece, ideal for those cold days and the trend of this season

Each year I tell myself I don’t need a new coat. Do you do the same? And yet I had no backbone when I spotted this gorgeous coat. In general coats are timeless, you can wear them for years. Or even put them away for a while and wear it again after skipping a season. This time I fell in love with this statement piece, an emerald green faux fur coat. What is that, faux fur, well it’s just a fancy name for fake fur. Nowadays the imitation is so perfectly done, no need for animal cruelty for this Cruella de Ville look! It has been fashion for a while already but this time around it’s more present than ever.

Not just in black and brown, or the naturel animal prints but also in (bright) colors. This coat is made of a deep, dark green color which I love. And practically, it matches every color. It wears so comfortable, I want to cuddle myself all day as it’s such soft material. Luckily it also wears nice and warm so it’s also perfect for those colder days. Obviously it doesn’t support rain but all other weather is fine. One thing I was afraid of is that the coat would be very heavy but it isn’t at all, it wears very light even.

The coat isn’t huge, which is something I’m always a bit afraid of with faux fur. I don’t mind if it’s not flattering, however I also don’t want to come across like Hagrid from Harry Potter! This coat doesn’t do all this, somehow it’s shaped and even slightly fitted at the waist. Even though it’s nice and fluffy, it’s not that voluminous. Here I am wearing a size 46-48 which fits me perfectly. For now, as the baby bump is just barely fitting in, nice and warm.

faux furFaux fur, de statement jas Faux fur, de statement jas

The dress I am wearing is my current favorite and I have to stop myself wearing it daily. The tonal outfit is one of the trends, just like the sweater dress, a long knitted dress which is like a long sweater. It has so much stretch in it that it fits the bump easily. I absolutely love the big collar on this dress, as it’s so nice and warm, especially on these cold days. This is the largest size which is XL and fits me easily as a UK size 20 plus being pregnant.

Something totally different are these shoes, when do you see me on flats? I really need to start appreciating flats as I will have to run around and about later this year. These biker boots is something I have been looking for a long time. A pair that fits my high feet and these do the job just perfectly. I have worn them so often already.

coat zizzi c/o Happy Size 
dress Hema
tights Ulla Popken
boots Zign c/o Zalando
purse c/o Valentino handbags



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