trends 2017: flowers

trends 2017: flowers

In spring of 2017 you will find a true sea of flowers, literally

Flowers, as far as your eyes can see. Why not, a sea of flowers always make me happy so I love this trend. Fashion tells us this season to choose happiness and to wear flowers, as print, allover print or placed print and even embroidery. It can be a very romantic but it’s also a throwback to the 1970’s as well as the 1990’s. Big water paint flowers, botanical images, colourful embroideries and even Asian jacquard satins. It can go either way you like, depending on your style and the look you want to go for, there is something you’ll love. Let me show you some examples, each items can be shopped online and is available in several (plus) sizes as well.

animal and print

A flower print showing an animal occasionally or even a large placed print with animal and flowers. This is one of the newer type of flower print and you will see it everywhere in 2017. I initially thought it would look funny as an allover print when I first read about it but now that I see the prints I love them. These are often typical statement pieces which will turn your outfit into a whole new look. Where it in your own style, preppy, classy, casual or even oversized. Click the image to check out these items in their webshops including all shopping details.



A real flower sea on your outfit is possible when it comes to these millefleur prints, which translates to thousands of flowers. A trend which is often repeated, it really reminds me of the 1990’s. You see lots of different combinations with this print, but for 2017 we combine two different millefleurs into one garment, mix and match. Immediately it takes off the dullness and it becomes a more feminine. Wear this very minimalistic, or casual with cool boots and a biker jacket.


water paint

The romantic vibes is represented with these water painted flowers, as a border print or an allover print. I love this kind of prints and you often see it on flowy fabrics like satins or chiffons so it’s perfect for spring and summer. Often these are used on garments with a wider fit, not too narrow and even on scarfs. During my online quest I even found these cute sandals which have a wide fit, perfect for wider feet! If you would like to know where to shop, just click the image and go directly to the webshop(s).


Asian atmospheres

We’ve got the Asian vibes already last year with the kimono’s and embroideries but this year it goes a little further. Also the satin fabric with Japanese style flowers on light fabrics is a real erecatcher. Combine this with light items and elegant shoes or sandals. Also jacquard fabrics is something which matches perfectly with the embroidery trend, these fabrics are shiny and often have minimal flowers or very large flowers. It’s perfect to combine in different styles, even office ready when you go for a whole suit. The skirt below is also available in other styles by the way.



A completely embroidered garment, from top till to, isn’t this just gorgeous? Well, I think so, if you find the right item and combine it elegantly. Though you can easily wear this in a more casual way as well, when you combine it with casual pieces like a leather jacket, a cross body handbag and loafers. This way you can wear it to different occasions which makes it worth the purchase. Such items are often a little more expensive because of all the work that’s into it.



It’s a little bit like you’re walking through the fields, with these cute little prints. Flowers, botanical vibes and even a little bit fragile is what these prints are like. These are often used in flowy items on light weight fabrics, it’s perfect for tops and dresses but also for accessoires. There’s also a variation to this print, which is much more casual, and is the blown up version of the smaller print. The larger prints often show more green, the leafs and the stents. Combine it with denim, sneakers and go for casual or keep it feminine with a feminine skirt and heels.


I absolutely love flowers in my home, so this trend is something for me too. To combine these prints isn’t really difficult, because most items are a great piece to combine with basics. Denim is also a big trend and this goes with anything, so it’s easy to be on point this spring! Do you like daring, then try to combine it in a different way like adding metallics, destroyed jeans or trompet sleeves.


Each item can be found online and I have added a shopping link to each image. Just click it to check out the size range, the fabric details and its availability. There are some items which are still on my mind, like the yellow bomber and the flower printed sandals. If only I could find that pot of gold! Which item is your favourite?

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  • Nancy Baten 27 March 2017 13:31

    I love a flower print! It s happy, joyfull, feminine! I am looking for a flower print dress for our anniversary. But the shop I always bought my dresses has changed their image and I really dont like it anymore!So sad!

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