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One of the biggest trends of 2017 is Gingham, a plain check in black and white

You see them everywhere, the simple check in block pattern, also called Gingham. It’s one of the biggest trends of 2017 and I collected the cutest options available in plus size. Click on the image to go shopping, I’ve noted the size range of each style in EU sizes which run from UK 12 up to 26. Some of these items are on sale now so hurry.


ginghamgingham trendgingham sneaker


Gingham is the name of fabric appearance with a simple square blocked check. We also know it as BB check, named after the wedding dress Brigitte Bardot wore. In Holland we have some other names for it as well, which I never heard of anyway. Officially it’s a woven cotton fabric in contrasting colours. Imagine the table cloths in heave red and white check for example. This doesn’t wear comfortable of course, so for clothing there are lighter fabrics. Still in cotton but in a light weight, or on more flow fabrics like viscose and polyester. The colour trend is black and white and the checks are small.

Did you know that originally the Gingham was a stripe, because it’s derived from the the Malay word genggang which literary means striped. We’re talking about 17th century Southeast Asia where we Dutchies abbreviated it into Gingham and swopped it to the British somewhere along the way. It was picked up in Manchester where they made it into a check, and that’s why we still call it Gingham nowadays.


BB ruit trend 2017


The colour combo black and white is a real classic and easy to combine. It matches perfectly with bright colours, another classic combination is to add red. But adding denim can make it more casual, like a pair of ripped jeans or a denim distressed jacket for example. Other bright colours like yellow, kobalt blue or pink are also a good match. Even if you don’t wear it in clothing, choose a bold lipstick to finish the look stylish. There isn’t really anything to mess this up when it comes to colour combinations, only mixing it with other prints can be a bit difficult.

no black?

Not that I know anyone who doesn’t wear black but let’s say you don’t like this colour on you. Choose other options, like for example navy blue and white Gingham check, which resembles the black a lot. Or go completely different and choose a light colour like baby pink or soft yellow, combined with white, so sweet.

smart shopping

This is such a dessin you can wear for ages, this check is a real classic pattern. When your garment isn’t too much summer style, you can wear it all through fall. Some of the items above are on sale right now, so be fashionable for a budget price. Click on the image to check all shopping details. The skirt can be worn with black tights when it gets colder, the sneakers can go with jeans or even culottes. The tops can be worn in so many ways, so go for it. Fashion is fun and it’s not like the olden days where it was not done to keep on wearing your great looks.

did you know where the name of this check came from?

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