Spring 2015 trends

A new year, a new season. What to wear for Spring 2015? Read here the Spring 2015 trends.

It’s 2015 and we are waiting for spring to start. The shops are filling up with their new collections and after the sales we want something new, something fresh. Let’s go shopping but what will we find?

fashion shows

All the major designers have launched their Spring 2015 collection already a while ago. The shows you see now are the shops presenting their collections to the customers. Always a nice way to see what they have for the new season. So many designers, so many options.


Color is important for spring 2015, use it and don’t be shy. Bright colors and bold prints is what you will find in the shops. Combined with these are the different denims, but especially the clean denim. Also suede is making a huge come back which is seen is garments, accessories and shoes. The fabrics are flowly, soft and delicate. Lace, chiffons and tassels are the details on the garments. A feminine look for spring 2015!

plus size

You may not like each trend. This has nothing to do with size, but with taste. The same applies for trends in plus size, if you love it then wear it. Keep in mind your plus points and just go for it. Wear what you like, where you feel good in.

Spring 2015 trends

images: fashionisers.com
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