Oversized pullover

Oversized pullover

Enjoy the winter in your oversized pullover. Find the right style for you and be fashionably comfortable. Which is your favorite?


Buy your size! If it’s the right size, it has nice fitted sleeves, the neckline is right for your shoulders. This is very important to avoid from looking huge in such a pullover. A big sweater or pullover will never point out your plus points so you have to make sure it doesn’t make you look bigger, this goes for every size.

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How to wear these oversized pullovers? Easy, if they are long enough you can wear them with a dense legging. If they are a bit too short for that, wear them with skinny jeans or a skinny coated jeans. You’re wearing a big top, so make sure the rest of your garments are fitted. This shows of your silhouette and will sometimes even complement your body. Wear it with casual, tough boots. Of course this can also be combined with a pair of sexy heels to keep it classy.

oversized pulloveroversized pullover

oversized pullover










Click the photo to go directly to the webshop of these items. Have fun shopping! Which one is your favorite?

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