New Year. Same You.

New Year. Same You.

The new swimwear collection of GabiFresh X SwimSuits For All is out and I’m not sure what I love most

Not which item I love most, but what I love most. The collection, or the fabulous message they want to come across. Watch the video above, click play above here in the image and you will see what I mean.

New Year. New You.

“You don’t need to spend your winter achieving a summer body. Wear that bikini and love your body just as it is. Here’s a better resolution: New Year. Same You.”

New Year. New You.New Year. New You.

Let me first start by saying how happy I am with such a collaboration. Perhaps the most famous plus size blogger from the USA who is collaborating with a swimwear brand. Isn’t it just perfect? I love Gabi Fresh’s style and in my opinion she’s always on point when it comes to her outfits. She has done such a collaboration before, which was stunning. Though this time around it’s even better! The photos are amazing and the styles are fabulous. I love the solid colours, the clean lines and the body loving cuts.

dessert style

The collection was shot in a dessert and Gabi is holding a mirror. I think this is so suitable, for all women. We don’t have to start the new year with resolutions to gain a summer body. We have a body and we love our bodies. Or don’t we? It’s an important lesson for all women: love your body just the way it is. If you feel like improving it along the way, that’s fine. But we’re here and it’s now, embrace it and be happy.

New Year. New You.

GabiFresh X SwimSuits For All

The brand itself is a heaven for swimwear shopping at any size. They sell from US size 4 up to size 34, which is a size range EU 34 up to 60. The Gabi Fresh collection is currently available to pre-order and is only available in cup size G/H. Check out the size chart to see if this fits your chest. I hope the sizes will expand in the near future. Check out the whole collection, also shown on other models, at the website of Swimsuits For All. The top sizes go from 18-24 (EU 48 to 54). The bottoms 12 to 24 (EU 42 to 54).

New Year. New You.

which style is your favourite?

photo credits: swimsuits for all
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