Fashion, what’s that?

Even though I have a fashion focussed blog, sometimes.. Fashion, what’s that? Every now and then I really couldn’t care less. Why?

So many people, so many different opinions. But don’t forget, also so many different tastes. However this is not the real reason why something I couldn’t care less about fashion. When you work in this industry you sometimes wish there was a button to switch off. Does that work? No.

On which days? On the days when you can’t understand why there is no freaking world peace! Didn’t every Miss that ever was a pageant wished is already? Grant that wish! Frustration, a lot! When you start thinking and you realise that if you weren’t born with these parent, you might have been a 14 year old working in the mines. How could you worry about your fashionable skinny jeans? Or when you read about something tragic, like for example the airplane crash of MH17 and then realize that packing their suitcase wasn’t their biggest concern after all… These are the days when I think who cares about fashion anyway? There are more important things in life. 

Fashion, what's that?

Realistic is something I am too. So the very same day I am back to me old self again can’t find any reason why I decided that morning to dress like a bum, hair up and no make up. No. Idea.

Sounds all a bit contrary right? Well that right, this is how I am. Fashion is actually the same. When you ask someone what’s it fashion right now? you can actually get 10 different answers. Every season they present different moodboards with different color cards. Enough options for everyone to like something. In the end, money makes the world go round.

Do you have these moments too or am I the only nutcase?   

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