Fashion show at MS Mode

Last week there was a fashion show at MS Mode. They presented the new collection and theBiggerBlog was invited. I will show you a sneak preview. 

MS Mode has changed their collection into a younger look. Great news! The whole MS team has worked very hard and they showed this full of pride last Wednesday. After a warm welcome we were invited to see their fashion show. Gorgeous models in different sizes were showing the latest collection which will be hanging in the shops these coming weeks.

Fashion show at MS Mode


Since we’re headed for spring the items showed are colorful and happy. Besides the regular solid colors, there were lots of bright colors and prints combined. Next to the colors they have used different fabrics as well, like chiffon, suede and lace.

Fashion show at MS Mode

stood out

Don’t panic, the collection has not changed too much. There are still plenty of items which you are used to with MS Mode but some trendy items as well. You can easily combine these together if you’re in to this. What I noticed were the great jeans. Different styles in different washes, I am curious about the fit of these items. Nice washed out, acid blue skinny jeans or the clean boyfriend with heavy topstitching? I love it! The bright colors and bold prints make this a nice collection for that spring feeling. What you can expect as well are casual joggers, jumpsuit with print and also blazers.

what do you shop at MS mode?

photos: theBiggerBlog 

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