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The denim trends continue, this time we go back to the 1990’s

One of my favorite fashion era’s are the 1990’s! Even though I’m feeling old while saying this.. but during the 1990’s I hardly could imagine that I would be thinking back on the 1990’s like a memory and like it’s just yesterday. I literary had this discussing just before the millennium, the 1999 song from Prince is one of the theme songs to this memory, lol! click on the images to check the sizing & prices 


Not just for when you have a hole in your jeans, but for decoration. These patches are so cute. Of course you can easily make up your own jeans, but these brands already did the work for you. Bright colors, funny shapes and some glitter is all you need to adjust your jeans to the denim trends of 2016.

jeans trends jeans trendsjeans trends














dirty & dyed

Stains, bleach and paint. All white but also in different colors and heaviness, these dirty jeans are a real eye-catcher and right on trend. Actually, I have mades these type of jeans myself and wonder if I should do this again. Nah, I just order these!

jeans trendsjeans trendsjeans trends
















washed & damaged

Something not so new but getting heavier and heavier destroyed are the ripped jeans. Slightly damaged up to hole-in-one, you can try all stages. Whether you show off your whole leg or you just have a little hole, either way you’re hot. And to those who ask you if you’ve actually paid for a garment with holes in it, the answer is hell yeah! 

jeans trendsjeans trends jeans trends















fabric patches

Tried to fix your jeans? The fabric patches are the alternative for the holes and destroy. Patches with lots of stitches and contrast fabrics are another trend! The cleaner look and also easier to wear all seasons.

jeans trendsjeans trendsjeans trends

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