How to get a bikini body

Wonder how you can look amazing on the beach? Check out here how to get a bikini body

Bikinis, tankini’s and bathing suits are hot. At any size. But how to get that perfect look, that lovely bikini body? Simple, check out the instructions from Tess.

What are your plans for this summer? And will you be rocking the bikini too? Let me know. You have already seen a few of my summer outfit posts, I am so ready for summer. Unfortunately I read replies from my readers that they have stopped going to the beach. Please don’t! Haters will be everywhere. The beach might be the most fonarable place to be with your half naked but check out this video from Simply Be and get inspired.

I don’t use the term fatkini, which is a high waisted brief and a bikini top. To me this is still a bikini and some women who are skinny would love to wear this shape as well. Wear whatever you like, myself I am not a bikini person and you will be seeing me in a one piece or a tankini. Wear whatever makes YOU feel comfortable, that’s the only thing that matters.

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