My favorite American plus size bloggers

My favorite American plus size bloggers

There are lots of inspirational plus size bloggers out there. I will show you my favorite American plus size bloggers. They give me inspiration and I like their style. Which is your favorite?

Off course we have our own line up of Dutch bloggers which are great, make sure to have a look. Lots of different shapes, sizes and types to which you can identify. Or not, and just enjoy their blogs just the way they are. Without pointing out al the obvious bloggers like Tess Holliday and Gaby Fresh (which I love) I decided to show you my personal favorites. I love and follow most of the American plus size bloggers to which I can relate but these girls are really inspiring to me personally.

ravings by rae

This American girl is beautiful and knows how to show it. What I like about her blog is that she doesn’t only write about fashion but also about entertainment news, recipes, product reviews and photography. She has tutorials online on hair and make up too.

theBiggerBlog ♥ ravingsbyrae

plus size blogger

garner style 

Chastity sums it up herself “My personal style you can say is classic with a twist. From time to time I get a little crazy as I am not afraid to step outside of my own comfort zone. That is something I hope to convey to you the reader. Be fearless. You only live once, why not look fabulous while doing it. If nothing else, don’t let size dictate your style.”

theBiggerBlog ♥ garnerstyle

plus size bloggers


Ella has such a nice style, I always like her outfits and the photo settings. I read on her site “I used to hate my body, my figure, and the fact that I am different from the so-called “normal people”. For so many years I felt and I believed that I was Ugly. I kept on hearing negative comments from people about my weight. But now, I learned to love my body and to embrace the fact that despite of me being plus sized, I am Beautiful! I am Fatbulous!”. This shocked me. I think she is the perfect example that you should love the body you are in and work with it.

theBiggerBlog ♥ curveella

plus size bloggers


Initially I started to follow Rochelle on instagram. Her photos are fabulous and her outfits are daring. I can relate to her “As a plus size girl, I have grown to be very comfortable with my size and actually enjoy myself as I am.”

theBiggerBlog ♥ beauticurve

plus size blogger

which American blogger is your #1?


images: from bloggers' own page 

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