Fashion Recap: April 2017

Fashion Recap: April 2017

In April it became clear what I mean by fashion schizo

Sometimes I use the term fashion schizo because it’s simply the best explanation to what I try to say. Though I find it difficult to say this ‘out loud’ on my blog because I don’t want to offend anyone who is suffering with this disease. In April I wore different looks, some to inspire and some to wear on a daily basis. Below you can see the recap of April 2017, all outfits lined up including a new photo. You can click the photo or the link below each photo to go directly to the original blog. Here I explain what I’m wearing, and the how and why including shopping names or links.

crossbody love

I didn’t lie when I told you I love this bag since I’m still wearing it, a lot! Just when I bought I was doubting if you would match all my outfits, as I love to color combine almost everything. In the end it was just getting used to the idea of these bold colours as I love to mix it with basic colours like black and white, but I also wear it with pinks, nudes and even red. Each look becomes a lot happier and more colourful with this cute cross body bag. At first I shopped this pink pullover as I wanted to match, which I still love!

april 2017

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A look to inspire, to motivate and to shock perhaps even. Not something I would wear while grocery shopping, or even wear ever I guess. I’m too much of a prude to be walking around like this, though I would wear it with a singlet underneath, in black or white even. These photos are something I’m proud of, I really love how they turned out. Nude, visible but not tacky, well not according to my standards.


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After my first rock band dress I was over it and decided I could wear these kind of items easily. Why not? So when I saw this shirt in a big retailer shop I just had to have it. Not just because this is my boyfriends’ favourite band, perhaps yes. Actually I just really liked the print, I knew the band and its songs even and yes, it has glitter! You should have seen Dennis his face when I showed him the t-shirt. He was almost offended it was hanging in a big shop like this, but in the end he really liked it too.

slayerclick on the image above to see the full blog, or click here

back to basics

The sweet Karlien from 40Days40Outfits inspired me for this look. Last week we went to an event together and we talked about her mouvement and how great it can be to recycle your wardrobe. Why not? It’s good to mix and match the items you already have, create new looks like this. Often I wear the items I have and combine it in a different way, something it happens without me knowing it. Based on a casual and comfortable look I created this look and in the end I loved how it turned out so I decided to make blog photos of this look.

april 2017

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Something I love to do more on theBiggerBlog is talk about recycling your (and mine) wardrobe. We have so many things, so many options and it’s great to show we don’t need new things for a new look. Some looks are to inspire or to show you how you can wear it. It can occur that items aren’t available anymore in the shops, however you could shop something similar. Perhaps we don’t even look alike, you’re taller, or I have a bigger sizes. We could be different in shape and still I can inspire you without you buying exactly what I’m wearing. That’s why I hope to be making photos like the last post, more from daily life.

recaps 2017

Each month I like to share a fashion recap of the past month. Of course you can check out more photos of these looks by clicking on the photo or the link below. Each looks is also shared on my instagram account and insta stories. If you want to see the previous recaps you can check the links below, these are all looks of 2017. Click on the post and a new page will be opened, you can click to each outfit separately. I’m curious to hear which look is your favourite?

January 2017

fashion recap: january 2017

 February 2017

outfits of February 2017

 March 2017

fashion recap: march 2017

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