extraordinary personality

extraordinary personality

When it comes to fashion I’m an extraordinary personality, but matching as always!

Well, it’s not that I’m that extravagant however I am extraordinary. I know what I like and I know what I absolutely don’t like. That said, I never shop whole outfits, I buy loose items. An outfit just pops up in my head and it’s often a mix of a new pieces combined with stuff that I’ve had already, for weeks and sometimes for years. Fashion recycling to the max! It’s even a great way to make new sets with your current wardrobe which is very budget proof as well.

extraordinairy personality

extraordinairy personality

Green is a color that I’m appreciating more and more nowadays. Though not all green tones are my thing, I especially like the deeper color greens. My love for all things shiny and glitter, I fell for these sneakers like love at first sight. For me it’s a thin line between love and hate when it comes to sneakers, but my resolution is to wear them more often.

“the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra”

The color of 2017 was greenery according to color institute Pantone, which is completely different tone. One that stands for a fresh start, refreshing and alive. To pursue personal passion and vitality. Perhaps that’s why I am so enthusiastic about green in general because it feels like a change it going to come. And it feels so good! It suits my current state of mind.

extraordinairy personalityextraordinairy personality

The forbidden word in fashion is comfortabel, I guess. I couldn’t care less though, I love fashion but I also want to feel good in my outfit. When it doesn’t feel good or it feels I have to act differently to make it work, it’s just not me. Casual and comfortable is often my goal when it comes to daily wear, just how I like it. These leather look trousers are a good example of that. The backside is made of a punto Milano jersey and has lots of stretch. This faux leather has a texture in it which makes it a little more casual.

The trousers, or treggings are a size EU 46 which is a UK 18 and has a nice fit. Also the hip height is regular but it fits my backside perfectly, without sagging, hooray! The blazer is a golden olden one, made of a stretch jacquards in pied-de-poule design. It’s comfortable, it works with every outfit and it’s timeless. This amazing t-shirt is from Zara, of all places. Shop your shape, not your size! It’s a size XL and oversized style, I loved it because of the text. Since I’m always matching, I loved this combination with my sneakers. A bit cold though so I’m wearing them with fishnet socks.


blazer Verpass c/o 44&more
t-shirt zara
trousers c/o Happy Size
sneakers Nike
hat New Yorker
socks Calzedonia


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