Eloquii X Missoni

Eloquii X Missoni

Great news in the land of fashion, Eloquii has done a collaboration with nothing less than Missoni

One of my favourite plus size brands right now is Eloquii. They clearly love fashion, love trends and go all the way and, comes in plus size! When I heard about their collaboration with Missoni my heart skipped a beat. Let me show you the lookbook photos and the story behind it.


This American brand was founded by women who think fashion should not stop at size US12, which is a European size 44. Eloquii starts at US size 14 and goes up to size 28. This is a European size 46 and goes up to size 58. A beautiful concept if you ask me (though I prefer all sizes but it’s a good start), something I can only dream of. In general I think their items are very women friendly, they complement the body and emphasises the beautiful parts. Perhaps it’s also a matter of taste, but I really love their focus on details. Ribbons, tapes, a little mesh or lace, the right type of prints and beautiful colours is what makes my fashion heart tic.


One of the well known fashion brands is the Italian Missoni, famous for its colours and prints. One of the youngest members of the family is Terese Maccapani Missoni, who love to design since she was little. Though she is not a designer, officially. Her mother Angela is the creative director at Missoni so she’s more than familiar with working in fashion. Despite her not being a full time designer, Eloquii decided to collaborate with her on the new collection. If you want to read more about it, check out the story and interview online here.

Eloquii X Missoni


This collection is one where you look at and feel like wanting to go on holiday. You need the sea breeze, you want to walk along the beach. Beautiful colours, summer vibes and lovely materials like silk make the collection unique. Eloquii describes this collection as a holiday feeling, jet-setting and luxury. The young Italian designer is well known in that area and has traveled a lot. Terese explains where her inspirations comes from:

 “Whenever I travel, I always bring back a souvenir. For this collection I unlocked my memories”

She disribes how she always brings back souvenirs whenever she travels. In this case she used the memories in stead to design this collection. Like you would expect, this is a limited edition capsule collection. It’s produced in smaller quantities and they aren’t planning on replenish when it’s finished. Some items are already sold out, which is a pitte because they look amazing. Below you can see the little movie Eloquii put on their Instagram*. When you don’t have Instagram you can’t see this.

You can notice it’s based on jet-setting because of the high end styles, fabric usage but also the prices. They are more expensive compared to the regular collection. It’s the use of special lace, silk materials and long items (with lots of fabric consumption). It’s not cheap to make such a collection and you will wear some kind of a unique piece.

Sales in Europe

Unfortunately there aren’t any shops in Europe where they sell Eloquii. You could shop directly at Eloquii online, because they do  ship to Europe but take care of the longer delivery, expensive returning and also custom costs. Till recently this brand was sold by Zalando but unfortunately not anymore. 

Eloquii X MissoniEloquii X Missoni

In May they will be opening one shop in the US but they also sell directly online and at pop up stores. Keep a close eye on the website or newsletter to stap up to date.

do you love these items as much as I do?

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