drinks at the pool

drinks at the pool

When on holiday, let’s do drinks at the pool. In the south of France, enjoying the sun in style

Love a little bit of luxury, that’s why we’re on holiday right? I love lying around the pool all day, relaxing and sipping my diet coke. Okay, cocktails sounds a lot better but I don’t drink them. When I’m going for a walk, wether it’s for a drink at the pool or for a stroll along the beach, I love to wear something over my swim wear. Of course it has to match, you know me! So I found this cute cover up going perfectly together with my new one piece.

pool pool

To be honest, I thought these kind of dresses are for elderly women spending their days in the south of Spain. I guess I’m getting older as well and learning to appreciate other things. The lower V-neck makes it a sexy cover up and still showing the swimwear underneath what I love about it. Its trumpet sleeves are very hot right now, though they’re so girly which makes it perfect for me. And the length is also very daring, it’s short but that’s fine when you’re lounging in the sun right? It’s perfect for my beach vibes, drinks on me! The drawstring at the waist accentuates my shape, which is adjustable by the way.

“why limit happy to an hour? – cheers!”

The dress is made of viscose jersey and wear very comfortable, even when it’s really warm. Okay the color black might not have been the best color for hot sunny days, I know. They also come in white and blue, but I’m a sucker for matching items. It had to match the once piece I recently got, which you can check out here by the way. I’ve also worn this tunic on a pair of shorts with a top underneath. All the reviews told me the fit was very big and I noticed the same, here I’m wearing a size EU 44/46. So when you shop this, make sure to buy a size down. You can find the link at the bottom of the page.

pool pool


Last year I told you already I love to shop new shoes on the market when I’m in France. I don’t know why because I never do this back home in Holland, weird right? For some reason I love the shoes this guy is selling on the market, they’re cheap and I guess I just love to wear something I shopped abroad. Here I bought these black sandals for a bargain and I wore them already a couple of times. Do you wear jewellery while sunbathing? I normally don’t but it just made the look even better, so this cute necklace went back into the box once the sun came out again.


tunic & bathing suit c/o Bonprix
shoes market in France
necklace from Danielle from Glasgow


This is the one piece I’m wearing, see the full blog here:



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  • Josine Wille 27 August 2017 22:28

    Aw, thank you so much!!

  • Single Successful Women 18 August 2017 11:49

    You’re looking damn beautiful!!

  • thebeautyblognl 27 July 2017 07:34

    I love love love this look! Je schoentjes zijn ook echt top! x

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