cosmic girl

cosmic girl

Back to the future, or just looking back to last Saturday went I was a cosmic girl shopping in Rotterdam?

It was somewhere late 1990’s when we assume that in the year 2000-and-something we would all look very futuristic, in silver and such. Well, that kind of applies for 2017 and surely for 2018. Silver, metallic, shimmer and sequins are the current fashion trend. This sparkle queens doesn’t has to wait for this trend, but on availability.

cosmic girl cosmic girl

Dennis and I were so amused when we decided to make photos here. It’s at the entrance of Blijdorp Zoo in Rotterdam. They have flamingos and in big quantities, so why go all the way to Curacao? Though I must say they look a lot prettier on a sunny island. The reason for this location is because Dennis loves this place and I really like the modern gate which is already antique. A chilled sunny day, typical winter, the magic sun light and this setting makes it a perfect combination if you’d ask me. It almost looks like a book setting from Roald Dahl.

She’s just a cosmic girl, from another galaxy
– lyrics Jamiroquai

Last year I bought these silver shoes, which I had to get used to. The pointed nosed of the shoes, bright shining silver is a bit flashy. If you know me I don’t mind a little flashy so I just went for it, they wear very comfortable and by now I wear them so often. The same applies to this skirt, which I bought on sale and is a size L, which is a UK 12 I guess. Way too small normally but like I always do, shop your shape and not your size. The elasticated waistband solved everything, but the length wasn’t for me (ankle length). I decided to cut them off up to the knees and look at me now, loving the pleated skirt.

cosmic girl cosmic girl cosmic girl

The jumper is from the regular collection of H&M and I even bought it one size down, this is a size L. It’s like a second skin, it wears so comfortable this time of year and matches everything. The skirt is small and was on sale about half a year ago at New Yorker, but updated my way. The tights were a lot of sweat but once on, they’re on. These are from the Dutch retailer Hema which I normally don’t fit (size UK 20 tights). Wanting the polka dot tights was serious and so I decided to give it another chance and it worked out, yay! These boots are from Primark and the purse I got at a fair, brand is unknown.

jumper H&M
skirt New Yorker
tights Hema
boots Primark
purse unknown
coat c/o Bonprix

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