all [plussize proof] Christmas jumpers

all [plussize proof] Christmas jumpers

The Christmas jumper has been my outfit for years on Christmas morning. These are the funniest options of this year & plus size proof

Something which never had anything to do with fashion was my corny Christmas jumper. My idiotic love for Christmas is the reason why I bought this jumper years ago during a sample sale. It was ridiculous, the same sale was from my work and I knew it was a second hand jumper shopped at a thrift shop and still I wanted it. I always wear it on Christmas morning, when we unpack all the gifts with my family during breakfast. I’ve lined up the jumper which are all available in plus size.

Some of these jumpers and sweaters are suitable for Christmas, some for the whole month. Click on the image to take you to the webshop directly, if applicable. The sizing on the images are based on EU sizes. Check out the size chart to know your size; a size EU 46 is UK 18, a size EU 48 is UK 20 and so on! Happy Christmas shopping. 

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will you wear one this Christmas?


last year I got a new Christmas jumper!

Even though the past ten years or so I am wearing the same old Christmas cardigan I got from the thrift shop. Last year, for the first time in year, I got myself a new one. This sweater is a lot more comfortable and has glitter too. And glitter always wins!

the Christmas look


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