my style is finally a trend, Chanel for beginners

my style is finally a trend, Chanel for beginners
1dress Sara Lindholm via Happy Size
2blazer Sara Lindholm via Happy Size
3belt Primark

Finally, my favorite style is one of the trends of this season! I like to call is Chanel for beginners; classic, preppy and stylish

You might not believe when when I tell you that if I could chose, I’d be a true Chanel girl. Well, most of the time as I do tend to vary a lot in my style. I love to vary my looks, something I’ve been doing since high school. The classic boucle fabrics, tweeds and preppy checks combined with woolen tops and on top of things a little hat or baret. All of it, I love it! For years I’ve named this look my Chanel for beginners style. You need to wear the brand to look like it, right?

Now that this year the old trend has been revived means we can shop it! This means in all budgets but also in all sizes. For example, this jacket I shopped last month but it was too warm to wear it. The autumn like weather is no punishment to me, finally wearing those new collections.

Chanel voor beginners

Chanel voor beginners

Chanel voor beginners

The usage of materials and fabrics is what makes it typically Chanel. Besides that color is also important. Fabrics like this, a tweed with raw edges and a pleather chiffon are real classics. The shape of the jacket makes the Chanel look complete, no lapel, raw edged pockets and a clean closure. A matching skirt of trouwens would had been perfect but with the baby bump this is not going to work unfortunately. This is a great alternative if I may say so, this pleated dress with lace finishing on the shoulders. All is tonal, something I love about this look.

The blazer is a melange color if whites, blues and a dash of grey. I am wearing a size EU 46 because it has a wide fit, it’s UK 18. With its pleats the dress has a wide fit as well which is perfect for my growing belly as the pleats will fold open. It has a lovely drape because of the fluid fabric. Underneath I am wearing a skin tone bra so you can’t see and stripes through the lace. The dress is very elegant and can even be worn to a glamorous party. Though I’ve paired it with this jacket and casual ankle boots.

blazer Sara Lindholm c/o Happy Size
dress Sara Lindholm c/o Happy Size
shoes Primark



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