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unemployed busy

STORIES 14 October 2016 0 Comments

The diary of an unemployed workaholic: taking unemployed busy to whole other level The plan was to write a personal blog each month. To tell you guys a little bit more about me, what I’m up to and keeps me going. I didn’t do it. Literarily. I couldn’t. Not because I was afraid you couldn’t care less. Worst case, I…

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40 days no shopping

STORIES 9 September 2016 0 Comments

This is going to be a nightmare, 40 days no shopping! I’ve accepted the challenge Of course this is a true disaster for me as a fashionista! All those days without shopping now that the new collections have arrived. A girl can look though. I made a vlog about this just before the challenge started. It’s in Dutch but I’ll explain…

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MS mode files for bankruptcy

STORIES 11 August 2016 1 Comments

You must have heard it already, the Dutch retailer MS mode files for bankruptcy It has happened a couple of times already, Dutch fashion brands not making it. Those who follow my blog know I work in the fashion industry. It has happened to me as well, working for a company that has requested for an extension and eventually filing…

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hey, it’s okay

STORIES 20 July 2016 0 Comments

It sometimes happens to me that I’m thinking to myself and think “hey, it’s okay” Do you know the column in Glamour magazine? Often when I read this I recognize almost all topics. Or not but I can relate to it. A few days ago I did something stupid as usual and I noticed that my first reaction was hey,…

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how it all began

STORIES 14 July 2016 0 Comments

It’s been two years already since theBiggerBlog went online, how it all began I can’t believe it’s already two years since I went online with theBiggerBlog and started blogging. It feels like yesterday but if I think back on how I started it feels like a long journey. the start  I’ve never really told you why I started with blogging…

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STORIES 1 July 2016 0 Comments

Okay, there’s a new sport: negativity What can really annoy me is reading other people’s comments on social media. Are we really that rude? spelling It starts at the beginning. I see only capitals, or none at all. No dots or comma are used, but writing correctly seems to he the hardest. What kind of people are those who always comments…

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self love

STORIES 22 May 2016 0 Comments

Why self love is important for every woman I received an inspiring reply on my blog from someone and I want to share my thoughts on self love and the reason why it’s so important. You might think that I am a shopaholic, addicted to fashion and have load of money to spend. Well, a part of this is true because I do…

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let’s get personal #2

STORIES 26 March 2016 0 Comments

How was my week and what am I looking forward to? Let’s get personal! As promised you in my earlier post with fun facts you didn’t know about me, here is my personal blog. The past few month I have been running around like crazy. From my job back home working on my blog, or going out for fun things for…

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