business maternity wear [up to size UK22]

business maternity wear [up to size UK22]

Pregnant; a growing bump, morning sickness and a changing body. So many changes but life goes on! What to wear to the office, a meeting or a business date? These are stylish maternity styles up to size UK 22 including tips & tricks

During the pregnancy your body changes. Some can wear their own clothes for months and others need to start wearing maternity pants with eight weeks in their pregnancy. Each body is different but all bodies need to work hard to grow that little human being. It requires a lot from you, both physically as well as mentally. Being comfortable is very important, this also applies to your wardrobe. When you work in an office or have a representative job, you’ll need applicable clothing during your pregnancy. Here are some shop tips & fashion tricks.

The most inexpensive and easiest way to shop maternity fashion is to set up a small capsule collection. Items you can easily combine, in the same color range or print family. Apply this to your current wardrobe and check which items you can still wear during your pregnancy. Most clothing you will buy are items you will also wear after giving birth as they fit you properly and wear comfortably. Besides, most maternity fashion garments are also designed for nursing. So breast feeding at home or milk pumping at the office can easily be done.

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tips & tricks

  • broaden your waistband – take a hair elastic and knot it around the buttonhole. Use the loop of the elastic and place it around the button. Now you have a few cm’s more.
  • wear a satin slip dress underneath – when you want to cover up your bump in a dress or long blouse, wear a satin slip dress underneath. This way the clothing with have a better drape and don’t show your growing belly (up to a certain point there’s no hiding though).  
  • shop breastfeeding-proof – when you shop maternity fashion keep in mind if you want to breastfeed. Most items can be worn postpartum which is comfortable and also fit for breastfeeding or pumping milk.
  • look at your wardrobe differently – before you go shopping check what you’ve already got in your closet. Take a good look and keep an open mind. A wrap dress can be adjusted to your bump, wear an empire or skater dress and move up the waistline. Use a belt for a wide fit top to create silhouette. A blazer or cardigan doesn’t have to be worn closed, leave it open with a cute blouse or body con underneath.

thights and undies

Which tights wear comfortably and does it fit the growing baby bump? A question that was asked so often. Perhaps you have a pair of wide tights in your closet? Try to wear it backwards, with the double seam to the front. This was the perfect solution to me! Or just buy regular tights with a single seam front and back, or buy those one size up. So far I haven’t found any maternity tights in a size UK 18 or higher -that actually fit.

Knickers, thongs and briefs are a different story. When your bump ois growing quickly you might not like the ones you normally wear. Also, it can become heavy and you would like some support. Special maternity underwear often go up to size UK 20 max. So wearing a size bigger high waist briefs can be a solution. When you like some extra support, try to combine it with a belly band. During my pregnancy I started wearing cotton things with broad sides from Ulla Popken and I still wear them, they are so comfy! They go up to side UK 26 or you could also check our Yours Clothing or Elomi for nice plus-size undies.

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