A talk with Margo about bodyshaming

You’ve seen a vlog before from Margo & me. We recorded some videos a couple of weeks ago and talked for hours. During my blog-break I came across this important topic, bodyshaping. I decided to share the video anyway, have a look and click play on the photo above. It’s in Dutch, but I’ve summarized the vlog as well.


You might know Margo, she’s a Dutch blogger and she writes about all kinds of topics on her blog She’s a spontaneous girl from Rotterdam and I always have great laughs with this girl! Editing this vlog took me ages because we just kept on laughing and it was so much fun watching it again. Most b.s. was edited, don’t worry. Did you check out the video, click the photo on top of the page.

to judge someone on his or her appearance


It’s being discussed more in the media nowadays, bodyshaping. Perhaps when you think about it, you realize that you do it more often then you think! Judging someone based on their appearance it easily done. As a plus size blogger I also encounter it, very occasionally luckily. I might be an easy target because over my overweight but after all those years, I can take it. Though it’s never a fun experience and I do notice other curvy girls doing it in the opposite way: when talking about skinny bitches and the girl is a broomstick. There’s no difference in that!


It’s mostly people that don’t know me of don’t follow my blog who are the best in replying in an awful, disrespectful way. When I started my blog I wrote an article how to wear faux leather shorts in three ways. You can see these outfits below on the photo. I got so many complaints. You won’t believe it, from oink oink to protect that girl from these shorts. What it did to me? For 15 whole minutes I was devastated, sobbing and didn’t know why I started my blog. I went to bed and woke up to a ton of positive replies and pep talks from so many people. What doen’t kill you makes you stronger.



Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Not that you have to share this, but when you do please do this in a respectful way. I don’t have to tell you guys though! Often the women who reply in such a way are very insecure themselves. They often don’t even have their own photo on their social media page, I end up staring at their pet! They also keep on comparing me to a model. I’m no model and I will not be one. In my opinion a blogger is someone who shows you can do anything with any body, even when you’re just not that perfect!

have you encountered bodyshaming? 

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