review: blue mascara

review: blue mascara

We’re going back to the 1980’s with this blue mascara

I remember it so well, when I was a little Josie and already in love with make up. I’ve asked my grandmother a thousand times how I old I had to be to start wearing make up and my own purse. It’s true, I really asked her many times and she keeps reminding me about it too. Still she replies with the same answer as she has always done “you don’t need eyeshadow, you have a natural shade”. Well gran, that’s so sweet of you but after 92 years your eyes aren’t that sharp, lol.

blauwe mascara

Even though I haven’t worn the blue mascara, I was just too young when this was hot. I remember that my aunt wore it always, in bright blue and even in fresh green if I remember correctly. That cozy feeling from the past came back to me when I found these mascaras. You see, I just had to buy them and try them out even though they ended up in a drawer for a couple of weeks. The mascara is really blue but it’s not showing, because I have dark eyelashes, natural brunette.

daylight versus indoor

Below you can see the photo which I made next to the window in daylight. Here the mascara is really bright blue but I guess my lashes are too dark to really see it . If you have blonde lashes they will really pop out! The tips of my lashes are lighter so you can see the effect, almost a balleage which I really like! I kept the rest of the look simple, natural and the eyeliner I’m wearing is a dark grey as black would be too heavy for this look.

blauwe mascara

The photo below is showing the lashes in regular light, indoor and the color looks a lot less bright. Perhaps because of the dark lashes I should use a mascara primer with a white color base to make the color look bright? I’ve worn this mascara already a couple of times and I love the effect. Of course my signature blue eyeliner doesn’t match this, too much blue in my opinion. On the lower lashes I’m using the regular black mascara by the way.
blauwe mascara

Though I must say, I like it this way. I’ve worn it like this a couple of times already. Not combined with my signature blue eyeliner, don’t overdue the blue! The lower lashes are done with my regular black mascara by the way. Its brush is easy to use and it applies nicely, without any lumps or sticky lashes. There is just one thing, the mascara becomes a little dry at the end of the day, so no rubbing my eyes the end of the day. I shouldn’t be doing that in any case but I guess that’s my flaw!

blauwe mascara


This blue mascara I will be wearing more often, just to vary a bit in my make up routine. Especially for this price I think this is a wonderful mascara, with a nice color effect. Though it’s too bad the color isn’t as bright on me as the lid indicates, but perhaps this is better so I will use it more often. A bright color as the lid is a lot for daily use don’t you think? The green one is still in my make up box and I haven’t tried it so far, I think it’s an amazing color for summer when I have a tan.


Etos Volume Blue mascara is the full name and is available at the Dutch shops, you can get one in blue like mine or green or purple. They are only € 5,99 each which is a perfect price just to give it a try. This is the reason why I took them without testing, just to give it a go and now I’m really happy with them. The purple color is still on my wish list!

Do you like this make up look on me & would you wear it?

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