Often I refer to my blog as “a passion which got out of hand” spoken like a true blogaholic

Whenever I find the time I like to go behind my computer and start writing my stories, checking my photos and preparing blogs. Just a day of doing nothing doesn’t exist anymore. Isn’t that meant for holidays? I love my blog, it’s my true passion and I think about it all the time. Something this can be stressful but as long as I’m having fun, all is good!

slightly addicted

Okay, this header isn’t correct. I can honestly say I am really addicted to my blog, a true blogaholic. I enjoy my time online, writing my blog posts. I also love your reactions on my posts, it’s what keeps me going. I’m not a journalist, not even close. Nor am I a model. If any, try to be a role model. But this is what makes my blog me right? I write about my experiences, what I like, use or where I shop. For official essays you can read the newspapers, lol!


When I can’t manage to finish a blog, I don’t stress over it anymore. It would feel like something I have to do which wouldn’t be fun! It’s important to find the right balance for me. Tricks from colleague bloggers and from you guys, my readers make it all a lot easier. Recently I’ve started sharing the blogs automatically, so you don’t miss a blog and it’s posted each day on the same time. Also I shouldn’t be blogging after dinner. Often it works, but I still need to work on this..

the boyfriend

When you blog as well like I do and you live together than you might recognise this. A sighing boyfriend, when we walk by a cute street and you ask him to quickly make some photo? Or carrying around three pairs of shoes, an extra cardigan and a coat. Because you never know where you end up and ”maybe shoot some more photos?. Or when he’s making plans to hang out with friends in the weekend and he asks me if I’m okay with it. ”Sure, have fun!. In the past I would’t have liked it and would be asking him when we would spend time together? No I just think, okay let’s go out or just stay at home and blog.

blog verslaafd

This was last summer in the South of France. We were driving to the supermarket. Suddenly I called “stop, this is the perfect photo spot”. First I quickly changed my outfit, I didn’t want my dress to get all wrinkled up. It was 32 degrees. Life of a blogger isn’t always a bed of roses, lol. Read this post back over here.


The most important thing in life is to have fun, right? Of course I’m still searching for a new job. Luckily with my blog I meet new people and who knows what that will bring me? In the mean time I’m having fun writing blogs. I search for nice items and review beautiful products & items. I love to share items with you as well. At the moment you can win a chocolate package on my Facebook pagina and in an earlier post I’m sharing a 50 pound gift card from Yours Clothing. There will be a couple more gifts on the blog, so stay tuned. That’s why I love December!

blog verslaafd

Unfortunately these photos didn’t work out. It was freezing cold and the wind was everywhere. Attempt no. 2 next week. Perhaps a different skirt. Let me think about it.

the holidays

Perhaps it’s because of all the festivities this mondig but I just love December. Last Friday it was my birthday and I decided not to celebrate it, or nothing big. Just my relatives which was fun! Now I’m looking forward to Christmas. I’ve seen so many lovely wish lists with shopping tips everywhere. I will also share mine next week. Besides that also some Christmas outfits, like this ugly (but cute) Christmas sweater.

what are you Christmas plans?

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