birthday girl

birthday girl

Happy Birthday to me! Today it’s my birthday, let’s celebrate with a giveaway

Today is the day I’m blowing out 35 candles. I can’t believe it! With a blink of an eye, the years went by. When writing this I feel even older. But with age comes wisdom and I am happy with that.

count your blessings

Last week I told you guys that I wasn’t looking forward to my birthday because I would like to postpone the years, or actually my age. Someone replied to my blog that she was happy to be turning 64. Why? Because a few dear friends of her didn’t make it to that age. So even she was almost twice my age, she was counting her blessings. Happy to be alive. This made me think. Why not embrace life, just the way it is? I don’t mind my new age anymore. Being born in 1981 has it’s charms.

what’s a number

It’s true, you really don’t feel thirty-effing-five. It’s just a number. Just like my size! Why accepting my body the way it is and worrying about my age? Let’s stop this and just make it the best year ever. I’ve got lots of plans, lots of ideas for 2017.

let’s celebrate!

I would love to share a birthday cake but it’s not so easy to send it over. So I have something much better! You can make a chance on winning a gift voucher of Yours Clothing worth of£50,- & free shipment! Isn’t that amazing? What do you have to do? Leave a message below why you want to win this voucher. If you want to enter to win it for someone else, that’s fine to just let me know. It’s always fun to give away fun presents.

Make extra change of winning by liking my social media pages: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter and tell me in your reply below where you follow me!

yours clothing

about Yours Clothing

The British plus size brand Yours Clothing offers fashion in sizes EU 42 up to size EU 60. Besides fashion they also have awesome accessoires, wide fit shoes and boots and also lovely lingerie. You’ve seen me in several outfits already, so if you want to get an idea have a look at this spring post, or this winter post. They also have great maternity wear as well. Besides women’s fashion, they also have a men’s division called Bad Rhino. So you men, join the competition!

thank you Yours Clothing for making this competition possible! You can enter until Wednesday 14 December 23:59 o'clock
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  • theBiggerBlog – Josine 11 December 2016 22:05

    Dank je wel Marsha, zo lief! xx

  • theBiggerBlog – Josine 11 December 2016 22:03

    Hi Tamara, dankjewel! Haha, ja dus bijna even oud. Klopt, na een paar dagen 35 te zijn blijkt het best mee te vallen hihi.. Wat leuk dat je me volgt! En nu duimen dan maar, liefs Josine

  • theBiggerBlog – Josine 11 December 2016 17:23

    Hi! Thanks for your kind words, so sweet! Yes I love yours clothing as well. I will put you on the list, so keep your fingers crossed! xox Josine

  • Hannah Lane 10 December 2016 23:22

    I love what you wear and you always do it with such style! I am a new(ish) instagram follower and I am so pleased I found your blog, I’ve been hunting for a while to find someone a similar size to me and you’ve become my inspiration
    I love the quality and range available at Yours Clothing, brilliant stuff!
    Thank you for what you do, please keep it up!

  • Tamara TS 9 December 2016 21:53

    Van harte gefeliciteerd en nog vele jaren!!! 35 is nog niet oud hoor, dat word ik volgend jaar ook. ;) Ik doe heel graag mee aan de winactie, omdat ik er toch weer wat kilootjes bij heb en vorige week zelfs uit de rits van mijn favoriete jeans knalde. (Schijnbaar komt dat wel met de jaren. haha) Mijn garderobe kan daarom wel wat uitbreiding gebruiken. Ik was al volger op Twitter en nu ook op FB en Instagram.
    (Instagram & Twitter @paramara1982, FB Tamara Mara Großmaul)

  • Marsha 9 December 2016 13:54

    Van harte gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag meid! Fijne dag! -x-

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