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the tips and tricks to fool your thin hair

Have people believe you have a full set of hair, waving in the wind. The last couple of years my hair has become a lot thinner. Where I used to have a great set of hair, now it’s dry, thin and a lot less so you can imagine I’m always searching for new tricks. With these tricks you can fool everyone and I’ve tried them.

washing your hair

It all starts at the beginning. Don’t wash your hair too often, twice per week is a perfect average. There are shampoos designed for thin hair. What the do is they create a thin layer on your hair which make it look and feel thicker. If you use a conditioner for your hair then only use it for the hair ends. Make sure to rinse your hair properly so there are no soap leftovers. They will cause your hair to feel heavy and flat. I’ve started to use shampoo and condition without additives.

use the right products 

Not only the right shampoo is important but also the right hair products you use after washing it. For fine, thin hair you can best use a sea salt spray. You can find them in any shop, even at some supermarkets too in different price levels. When you have washed your hair, dry it roughly with a towel. Comb your hair and pull up a lock of hair and spray it onto the roots of your hair. Do this on the parts where you want to create the volume. The sea salt will make you hair dry and it will feel thicker. Don’t use too much as it will make your hair look dull. I also use a hair powder to make it more sturdy and gives me a lot more volume.

thin hairdry blowing

This is something you have to take very seriously if you want it to work. When your hair is wet, of partly wet you hairdo will not last. So if you have dry blown it for 20 minutes and it’s not dry you might as well have skipped the 20 minutes as well..When you have added the hair products then dry blow your hair allover, without styling it. Easiest to do so is to bend over and dry blow it upside down. When you think it’s dry, it’s not! Now go to the mirror and start fixing the hairdo the way you like it. Use a difuser for a messy effect, which activates curls. Or use a round brush, whatever you like. When ready you will have that volume you like. For the areas that need extra fixation you can back comb slightly at the roots only. Drying properly works!

hair do thin hair

Actually all the work you have done should be enough! But if your hair is still not keeping its volume then add some fixing spray onto the roots, where you have back combed it. Once it’s sligthly tangled up it will hold longer. Make sure it’s not visible on the outside, the teased parts. Check the back of your head in the mirror.. just in case. This method is applicable for straight hair or if you want to wear curls. It’s important to create volume at first and then to do the hairdo.

hair cut 

The right hair cut if of course the most important part of getting the right hairdo. Explain to your hairdresser what you want. Also be honest in how you treat your hair. If you don’t mind the extra time dry blowing and fixing it then it’s no problem. But if you are the type out of bed and go then the hairdresser knows what to keep in mind. Adding layers in your hairdo or bangs can make a huge difference. Don’t be afraid of the hairdresser when they use the scissors a lot, it will work out just fine.

My favorite spray: sea salt texturising spray and what’s yours? 


image: unsplash.com 

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