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Sweet lips

The weather is getting colder and your sweet lips need some extra attention. How to maintain those sweet, soft lips?

The cold wind in your face isn’t good for your skin. It dehydrates and damages the skin. Don’t forget your lips, these are just as damaged as the rest of your face. During those cold months those sweet lips need some extra care. It doesn’t take much time, just a little effort.


After brushing your teeth make sure to brush your lips as well. It’s a way to scrub your lips because you’re removing dead skin cells and activating the bloodstream. Your lips will look healthier and have a nice color. Who needs lipstick!? Your natural blush colored lips will beam. Just use some lip balm.

lip scrub 

Use a lip scrub once a week. Rub this on your lips gently in a circular motion for about 30 seconds and rinse off with warm water. You can immediately feel how smooth your lips are. You can make one yourself, easy. Read the how to here. The sugar will remove the dead skin cells, the honey will nurture your lips and the oil helps moisturizing for a wrinkle free skin.

lip balm 

Use a lip balm. This will help your lips from dehydrating and will prevent your lips from cracking. When buying a lipbalm make sure it contains the following ingredients:
– vitamine E to keep up the fluid balance
– SPF to protect your lips from UV light
– dexpanthenol retains moisture and prevents dehydration, this ingredient stimulates the reformation of skin cells.

Most lip balms have this. You can use the balm first before applying your lipstick.

Lucious lips ready to be seen. Kiss, kiss and go

images: thebeautystop & n-o-products

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