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Hair trends Fall 2014

Not only in fashion are the trends changing for coming fall but also in hair styles

Read here all about the latest hair trends and how you can wear this too.

Back to the 1960’s
In fashion we see a lot of input from the 1960’s. This all comes back in the hairdo’s as well. What suits perfectly in this trend is the hair line at the side. For this look you don’t need a special cut. Just make a very clear hair line at the side of your head so that your hair drapes down along your head.
hair 60s

Hippy chique
Not very new but still very trendy is the hair line worn in the center of your head. This fall it’s even hotter to wear it like this especially for the ladies with long hair. You can wear your hair in a ponytail by pulling all the hair towards the back and keeping the hair line centred. Or wear it loose and wild. If you have time then make some casual, big waves in your hair. Make sure when you wear your hair tight to the back to fix it with a spray and using a shine spray to keep it classy.
haar lang

Feminine short pixie cut 
Not everyone’s favorite hairdo, a short haircut on women. But with the right face and the right haircut it can look amazing and femine. A tough, short cut or casual, messy short. It’s an easy hairdo. When you have the right hair and face the hairdresser can prbably even cut it in a way that you can wear it both ways. A super haircut for women with a femine curved and friendly face.
pixie cut

The everlasting bob but different
The bob is everlasting. The all time favorite also has its own trendy variation this season. Wear it asymetric, cut in layers or even with banks. The bob for this fall of 2014 is shorter than before and you wear it messy and wil. Use a wax or a mud to style your hair for an extra messy look. It’s a perfect hairdo for ladies who are trying to let their hair gro after the pixie cut. In my opinion the easiest hairdo you can choose and look trendy at the same time
haar bob


Half long hair isn’t boring anymore
The hair length in between long and short is mostly considered boring. But now it’s not anymore, by creating lots of layers and texture you have the ideal half long hairdo. Combine it with a whisp or banks and you are good to go. The length is easy, you can even wear it in a ponytail or braid. Practical!
hair half long



It concludes that you can wear any length you want coming Fall 2014. So when you go to your hairdresser don’t ask for the standard hair cut, but ask to do a proper cut


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