How to get those great summer legs? Start now, before you know it it’s summer

Lots of women don’t like their legs. What’s new? But in summertime you can really show your legs, trust me. When you take proper care of your legs you will feel much better about them and you will feel more comfortable showing them. Stop staring at how other legs look better, they’re not. You’re just imagining it!

to shave or not to shave

There are so many ways to get rid of the hairs on your leg. You can just shave, but this has to be done daily so I can imagine this is too much hastle. Instead, check out your options now when it’s still early enough to do (and lots of offers). You can choose laser or waxing. This way you don’t have to worry about shaving each time you want to wear a skirt or shorts. Check out the offers now with beauty salon and be prepared for when the sun is showing up. Im still a big fan of the old fashioned raiser blade. Occasionally I like to use a epilator but it’s so much work and often it doesn’t do the job entirely.

feed your legs

A healthy skin is important too. Especially during those first weeks when your legs are too pale after winter. Moisturize each time after you took a shower. It will give a healthy look and glow. At the moment I am totally into coconut oil (no it doesn’t smell like coconut, don’t worry). This oil is good for everything, but also for your skin. It absorbs into your skin and doesn’t leave a greasy touch. Though you could use a bodylotion or any other cream as well, as long as you do it regularly.

benen klaar voor de zomer

don’t forget the feet

You will have to work on those feet too, while you’re at it. No need to run to the pedicure yet. Just make sure when you are moisturizing your legs to do your feet too. Clip your toe nails nicely, get them prepared for those sandals. Or am I the only one who keeps them short in winter and don’t polish them regularely? Of course it’s good to keep those toe nails clean during winter, give the girls a little rest. Though maintain those toe nails because they can get messy if you leave them uncut and untrimmed.

tanned bodylotion

When it’s just before spring and the sun is showing up more often start using a tanned body lotion. Don’t use it too often and check the options, for fair skin types they have special light ones. You don’t want to become orange! Use this lightly and make sure to wash you hands after. Better use it often lightly, then heavily a few times. I often use the wet wipes with sun tan lotion on them, it’s so easy to use.

summer legs

When those pale legs finally got some sun, use an oil based body lotion. This will give a light shine or glow to your legs. It will make them look healthy and sexy. Those women who have a natural tan, I am jealous! Enjoy your summer and your cute skirts and dresses.

so did I convince you? Will you be wearing bare legs this summer? Yes!

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