glitters where?

If you are wondering about glitters where? The answer is: everywhere! Glitters are hot.

Glitters are here, not just for the holidays, no, for everyday. And why not? With all the shit in the world that’s been happening, why not make every day a party? We can use some sparkling times, right! I am not talking about wearing the glitter as an outfit. You would expect perhaps make up or nails, but no, this time it’s about the hair.

glitter where?

glitter in hair roots

For sure I will be trying this! I love glitter as make up but this has a whole new edge to it.

fix your hair and make a straight section with the backside of a comb
apply some styling yel all over your roots at the section
take the bottle of loose glitter power and sprinkle it gently over the roots

Have everything prepared when you do this. Also I would recommends you to wear something you’re not planning to wear that day, because all will be covered in glitter and that might take away the effect on the hair. Also apply your make up after doing your hair. This way you can clear your face from the glitter.

will you be trying this?

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